Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Take us to your dance floor!

Hey! Happy New Year! Still on the left coast (fatbrother set us up with some tickets to the big hockey game this afternoon so I won't be back in Montreal until tomorrow). Fear not, however, there's still a podcast this week featuring some of Ottawa's latest and greatest including Boycrusher, The Hi Lo Trons and a new demo from Jim Bryson. You can download it (Right Click, Save As...if you please) or, even better, subscribe to the show by plunking http://www.pwi.racknine.net/podcast.xml into your iTunes or iPodder. Hold on tight! 2006 is going to be an amazing year!
Wow! Mr. Fat Citizen grooves to the Drive B'ys and hockey! I cannot help but wonder if you are Yuppi.

The Drive B'ys did once stall their Flyer near my lookout. They can play some mean music and drink beer like all-stars but they cannot play hockey for shit.
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