Monday, January 16, 2006


So much to say, mais aucun temps pour le dire

Hey y'all, sorry for the delay in checkin' in...I'm once again buried under accents circonflexes (and other - even more fun - stuff which will be revealed in due time) Faithful subscribers to the podcast will have noticed that Episode 14 went up on Sunday. You Johnny (and Janey) come latelys can get ahold of it here or join the cool crowd and subscribe by dropping into your browsers. This weeks' episode features brand new stuff from Montréal's Islands as well as Belle and Sebastian, Cat Power and The Glass. It also includes a visit from two of my favourite songwriters NQ Arbuckle(who has a show at the Cadillac Lounge in Toronto on Saturday February 11th) Jason Colette, whose show at The Main Hall Saturday night was a great mix of solid songwriting, well-chosen arrangements (remember when everyone had a saxaphone player just like Colette's band? Now all the cool kids are playing violin) and (really) soft-separatist politics ("Now I'm from Toronto," Colette confessed, "but I've given it a lot of thought and I've decided to vote Bloc.") Overall the show was a great time. If anything, I got what I expected from Colette and was genuinely and pleasantly surprised by the work of opening act (and Colette backup group) Paso Mino which featured some swooningly-good Hammond organ bits and a well-burnished barritone singing lead (I'd tell you the lead singers name, if it was available ANYWHERE online...Dear Paso Mino, I rather like your band, please write a press kit!) Pregnant Pause 11 Great Reasons (OK, 13 if you include Radiohead and the Fugees, but I don't) to be excited about the music of 2006 (Via LHB)
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