Thursday, January 12, 2006


My name is Fatcitizen and I am a "pro-user zealot"

Ok folks, been really busy the last couple of days working on a new, exciting, super-secret radio-type project. Can't wait to tell you more about it, but until the wraps are off...there's more almost-musical news This just in: Sam Bulte (ibid) may well be officially losing her shit. Last night at an all-candidates meeting, Bulte, the MP for Parkdale/High Park, and lead author of Canada's last two pieces of draft copyright legislation, referred to people who disagree with her approach to copyright law and conflict of interest as "Michael Geist and his pro-user zealots." If it weren't so hilarious (I mean, shouldn't we all - particularly our elected officials - be in favour of consumers? What's the opposite? A "pro-record industry zealot"?) it would be kinda scary. Come to think of it, "Michael Geist and His Pro-User Zealots" sounds like it might be a decent - if somewhat clunky - name for an independent band. Think of a kind of 21st century techno-blues review. The Blues Explosion meets The Polyphonic Spree meets Kraftwerk... Anyway, Prof. Geist, and the rest of us, I guess, have become the target of Ms. Bulte's ire by suggesting that someone who writes copyright legislation (Sam, that'd be you) shouldn't take money from the industries who benefit most from restrictive copyright law (that'd be the folks like the Canadian Recording Industry Association and other entertainment industry types who are throwing Sam a $250/plate fundraiser next week). Sounds simple to me, but I'm not a Liberal MP. Anyhoo, Accordion Guy has the video evidence from last night and, from what I've heard, future all candidates meetings will also be recorded for posterity. More info to follow. On a non-political note, Montreal's late-winter concert calendar seems to be shaping up quite nicely. (Just check out how lucky the 27th of the month is in January AND February. There are worse dilemmas than those , I assure you). In the shorter term, I'm looking forward to Jason Collet's show at Main Hall this weekend and, if you like genuine songwriting and warm guitar sounds, you should be too. Photos and a review to come. I recommence my French education on Monday...wish me luck! Pregnant Pause Yo! Wanna wrestle? Patterson Hood on his future in the music business: "As long as you can't download a tee-shirt, I'm gonna be ok." (Via LHB) Oh, and LHB also has this cool link to a preview and track listing for the new DBT's album. (I've said it before, I'll say it again, I have NO idea how David does it. Every day, almost every story that matters. Keep up the good work, friend)
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