Monday, January 09, 2006


It burrrrrrrns!!!

I've said before that PWI isn't a political place, per-se, but: 1) This whole worsening Sam Bulte fiasco (check out my colleague David Fewer's interesting analysis of it) has me thinking (perhaps idly): When can Canadians expect to elect a Prime Minister who's the best choice instead of the better of two evils? (clarification courtesty of OC in the comments) 2) I've been wondering for much of the last few weeks what to do with my vote as an english speaking federalist in a riding where the once and future MP is the guy in the hat. 3) I really needed an excuse to run this picture of Martin boring the skin off a group of seven-year olds. Updated concert schedule to come later this week.
'splain again how Peggy Nash is an 'evil'?

Remember, if you live in Parkdale-High Park, you're choosing between Libs and Dips, not Libs and Tories.

Last election, Nash and Bulte were about 3000 votes apart. The next candidate, a Tory, trailed the NDP by almost 9000 votes.

Point taken, but let me clarify, when I speak to "the lesser of two evils" I'm refering to the choices between potential governing parties (the Libs and the Tories) and not between Bulte and Nash. (At any rate I don't live in TO so the decision isn't mine).

HOWEVER, to take it in another direction, you could argue - given the Tories' chances to form a government - that a vote for Nash is a vote for Harper. One fewer Liberal seat in the cities means the blue seats out west carry more weight.

Either way, don't blame me, I live in the riding of Laurier and my vote won't count.
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