Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Free Acorn Album Online!

Cool News! Kelp records heroes and PWI alt-folk/post rock faves The Acorn have made a special Christmas album available for free on their website. The album: Live in Royal Albert Hall was "recorded live" with "Jim O'Rourke" and features some kick-ass covers of Ottawa- valley favourites which normally I'd save for the podcast...but I can't. This wonderful version of The Fiftymen's For the Sake of My Pride has to be heard now, today, immediately... Listen to For the Sake of My Pride by The Acorn ...and perhaps again on the podcast this weekend. Pregnant Pause Repeat after me: PWI is not a political place, PWI is not a political place, PWI is not a political place...then again, the Tories still scare the hell outa me. It's not perfect, but this online singing machine is pretty cool and it still sounds better than most of the karaoke I've been forced to listen to.
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