Saturday, January 07, 2006


Can't Win for losing

Can I think of anything less palatable than wearing my number 12 Mike Fisher jersey and an ill-fitting Ottawa Senators touque (either I bought a child's size or my noggin is officially larger than the holes in the Sen's current lineup) to this debacle? Yes, yes I can. How about hearing the Arcade Fire's Rebellion (Lies) in an ad on the Molson Centre big screen for Cold-fX (the faux-drug endorsed by Don Cherry and, surprisingly, Margaret Atwood)? Yup, the Arcade Fire in an ad, and not even a tasteful VW commercial either, but rather a glorified powerpoint presentation with pictures of the Canadien's trainer being quoted on the powers of "the Cold-fX system" or some such nonsense. The way I'm thinking, either somebody's made a commercial without consulting the band and that somebody's gonna get GOOOOD and sued, or Win and the gang have changed their minds about licensing their music in the strangest of ways... Anyway, I promise that there is no content about cold remedies or disappointing hockey results in this week's podcast, but there is a little bit on Win and Regine's tendency to stalk my girlfriend and I. (It's a true story, and not a surprising one, I mean, just LOOK at the guy, it's Cape Fear all I right?) If you're just downloading this episode, please Right Click, Save As or better yet...plunk into your iPodder or iTunes.
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