Friday, December 09, 2005


Jeff Tweedy on File Sharing

From today's AP Wire Interviewer: So the record industry's approach is driven by fear?

Tweedy: Do you remember home taping as killing music? It's the same thing. The sky is falling. Ultimately, I think it's an excuse for incompetence.

(via LHB)

On a completely unrelated issue, does anyone have an extra ticket to the Stars show at La Tulipe? I waited too long and now they're sold out...

Hey, Tweedy is right, of course, though one could argue that the ease of file-sharing today represents a greater threat to copyright.

On the other hand, I'm reading Jonathan Frayer's bio of Beethoven, and the old deaf guy had constant problems with rogue printers pirating his sheet music. Imagine, Beethoven beset by the file-sharing of 200 years ago!

I note that the music business has only grown since then.
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