Monday, December 19, 2005


Gimmie Gimmie DBTs

Do I really have to wait until April to hear the new Drive- By Truckers' record A Blessing and a Curse? Ever since reading the Q&A with New West Records honcho (and former Replacements label-meister) Peter Jesperson in Pulse of the Twin Cities this week (thanks, once again, to LHB for the hookup) I've been jonesin' for new Southern Rock 21st century style. If you have too, I have some methadone for you! It's not new, but rather a tracking of the acoustic set the DBTs did for Sirius satellite radio earlier this year. Some gems in here: 1) Putting People on the Moon 2) Carl Perkins' Cadillac 3) Goddamn Lonely Love 4) The Day John Henry Died 5) Tornadoes It's available through the fabulous New West Podcast which also features a great set from the late, great Slobberbone. Pregnant Pause If you haven't seen this amazing video yet you just don't like cupcakes...or google maps...or the funny. (Thanks for the updated link MF)
Always happy to add some new to me Drive B'ys' music to the collection. 2006 should be great - hopefully Jason Isbell's and Patterson Hood's newest recorded solo work will see the cold light of day not long after the new Drive B'y record and tour.

And I sure hope Shonna and the B'ys steer their fat old tour bus within staggering range of my mountain lookout.

Don't know where your mountain lookout is, but, unfortunately for me, the DBTs haven't come within several hours drive(by) of Montreal in several years. The drive IS, however, very much worth the time and energy. A DBT's live show is a force of nature.

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your narnia-cupcake link is busted - try here:

This may have set the record for most emailed clip - I got it four times in my email today.
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