Thursday, December 22, 2005


All I want for X-mas... some bandwidth Another month, another premature end to the file-sharin' love here at PWI (and here I was thinking that my good friends at took care of these problems LAST month). I'm hoping the site redesign that I'm working on over the holidays will mean a January without a case of the crashies. Merry Christmas, everyone. May 2005 be a happy, healthy and creative one for you and all whom you love. I'll be back in touch in about a week.
Well, I predict 2005 will be an up-down-busy ass year. One in which you and I will dicuss -- at much length -- the merits of a Rush v. Tragically Hip cage match. My womanly intuition, however, is not quite up to the task of predicting 2006. All I can wish is that yours, mine and ours will be prosperous, fun, exciting, and bandwidth-y.

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