Thursday, December 01, 2005


Aaaaaaand we're back...

Sorry about that little bandwidth hiccup there folks, nothing the good folks at Racknine shouldn't have settled by now (and here's to hopin' I won't have to cancel that brand new upgraded subscription any time soon...yah-hear me server dudes!?!) Had the pleasure last night of checking out Ottawa's fun and friendly post pop'ers The Acorn at The Green Room last night. Keiko from People for Audio guested on keys and the results (though they claimed to have no rehearsal time) were very coherent for the most part. No pics (sorry!) but suffice it to say that the Acorn's recorded output (which is in a word "gentle") fails to impress upon the listener the emotional power and pure rock-outedness these four guys can bring forward when they get into a rhythmic groove. Not to say that the recorded output isn't good, on the contrary The Blankets EP (the Acorn's latest release on Ottawa's Kelp Records) is nothing short of wonderful. Rolf Klausener's mellifluous, almost whispered vocals and the band's densely organic instrumental underbrush (including Jeff Malecki's stand out drum patterns) subtly camouflage some intensely personal expressions of bitterness and frustration: "Wrestle with your confidence and hold it down with all my strength," Klausener murmurs on Sent (Awake the Kraken) "I never thought these promises would make it so hard to breathe." The silence breaks for a minute or so during the title track, but the lyrical content stays bleak: "The fruits of all your labour are slowly going rotten" Klausener sighs just as the guitars begin to crash and peal all around him. Blankets is a big, soft, puffy pop snowball with a sharp-edged emotional rock buried inside. It might be one of my top ten records of the year. Podcast Episode #8 The latest podcast is up. As always, you can get ahold of 'er by subscribin'. To do that, you go into yee olde iTunes or iPodder and plunking this address: into the subscribe to podcast field. For those of you who just want a test drive, you can hear the latest episode here. (Right click, save as! Please!) Pregnant Pause Jane Siberry is COOL! Her online store is now offering "pay what you wish" pricing on the MP3s in her online store. Check out Jane's explanation of things. Go buy a copy of Hockey, Mimi on the Beach or Calling All Angels just to encourage Jane for her forward-thinking approach. Way to cut out the middle man, Ms. Siberry! (Thanks for the tip, Cammy) Steve Page of BNL is also in on the act. (Thanks for the head's up Russell)
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