Sunday, November 13, 2005


Halifax: Now a Fat City

Hey kids! The home of Joel Plaskett, Matt Mays, Jill Barber (oh yeah, and these guys) is now mine too (at least virtually). Yup, the good folks at Dalhousie's CKDU will now be broadcasting PWI radio every Tuesday at midnight starting this week. Listen to Love this Town by Joel Plaskett If you live in the Halifax area, give me a hollah! There is tonnes more to tell you, but due to upcoming french finals (souhaitez-moi "bonne chance") I have precious little time. More will follow next week after class is over...for reals. Pregnant Pause What track would you recommend to replace Nickelback on that new CBC National Playlist show? "Always sentimental remind me"? Call this guy the bastard son of the Numa Numa kid and the BackDorm Boys. (It's so painful I could barely watch...thanks for the link Mike).
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