Wednesday, November 16, 2005


C'est un frappe à la Dap

Tonight, at Sala...there will be SOUL. Yes, Sharon Jones and all seven of her Dap Kings. I can barely contain the excitement! Photos and a review tomorrow, but, until then, have an audio-gander at this here chunk o' funk: Listen to Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings: Aint it Hard French classes end tomorrow too. That should result in more time for blog-writin'. You've been warned. Aint it Hard is available on Dap Dippin With Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings Pregnant Pause Mike sends this link which lets us score one point for sanity in the DRM debate. (Dear Sony, please do not punish your customers for trying to do the right thing. When we buy records, please just let us put them on our iPods!) Mr. T needs you to turn up your air conditioner. (Via ESPN dot com)
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