Thursday, October 13, 2005


"We're lining up the light-loafered"

My fantasy Colin Meloy stage banter goes like this: Decemberists audience member "Play the song about the ghost who used to be a prostitute!" Colin Meloy "Which one?" Decemberists fans (who, like the band, bear a distinct resemblance to the earnest, badly coiffed, poetry nerds who used to sit in the front row in English class) got a gentle, if technically off-putting set from the Portland act last night. Sound issues got festivities off to a late start (I think it took nearly half an hour to tune the bass). When finally things got settled, we were treated to mic feedback (at one point set off by Meloy's eyeglasses) monitor problems (which left violinist/background vocalist Petra Haden looking like she'd been sent to the principal's office) and a plea from Meloy to petition the Club Soda for a better sound system. Once again, Boo Club Soda*! Despite the troubles, Meloy and family brought forward a set that, while for the most part not rousing, was awkwardly charming, sincere and uplifting; like a handwritten letter from an elementary school friend. I even got to hear my favourite Decemberists track California One/Youth and Beauty Brigade which - at the request of an audience member - Meloy referred to as the Decemberists "Most Rockinist" song. Indeed. * That said, Club Soda bouncers were not out on the prowl last night looking for people with cameras. I COULD have taken pictures and would have if I hadn't left my camera at home. The lesson is, as always, I'm too dumb to be allowed out of the house. Pregnant Pause NPR has this live recording at a Decemberists show in May at the 9:30 Club in DC "We thought you was a toad" (Thanks Mike) I know they're just the latest British buzz band, but I kinda like what I've heard of the Arctic Monkeys "After his release from prison, Nelson Mandela thanked Darts for their 1978 single "Boy From New York City", a cassette of which was the only entertainment he was allowed during his incarceration." and several hundred other Interesting Pieces of Music Trivia that is 100% False Japanese labels aren't asking apple to raise its prices, they want a royalty on iPods (Something which we recently banned in Canada, though I still haven't seen my refund. Memo to Steve Jobs: "Gimmie back my $25") via LHB Meanwhile, in the UK, the Government has a pretty solid idea about how to keep a national music culture vital (Hint: It's doesn't involve subsidizing the majors) As Mike said, John Peel was a treasure. Turns out so is his record collection.
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