Monday, October 17, 2005


We have the facts and we're voting "Maybe"

I don't think I have the strength to post a proper "review" of last night's Death Cab for Cutie show at the Spectrum. Don't get me wrong, Gibbard, Walla and the boys did Yeoman's work; the show was professional and entertaining, but there's this: More and more I'm seeing that shows of a certain size (read "bigger than about 100 people") are congregations of the converted. It makes sense, I guess. Who has $25 to drop on a band they don't love? (besides obessive completists like me, of course). I had to laugh to myself, though, a few times as the gathered throngs of teenage hipsters roared their approval of tracks from the new record (which, admittedly, I hadn't heard until I iTunes'ed it this morning) while staring dumbly at the awesomeness of older songs like We Laugh Indoors from 2001's The Photo Album. The show was perfectly good, a ninety minute testament to the strength of an act that hasn't let a major label deal change their sound or musical approach. Unfortunately, it was also unlikely to make a fan of someone who had previously been on the fence. Good thing there wasn't anyone there that fit that description. So, in lieu of an extended gripe about feeling old enough to have fathered half the members of last night's audience I present: The FC's 5 Observations about Death Cab for Cutie Live 5) I know I Will Follow You Into the Dark is a pretty song and I know you could have heard a pin drop when Gibbard played a solo accoustic version of it last night. Fine. Does it make me a bad person to say it kinda reminded me of Dust in the Wind? 4) Speaking of things that I might feel guilty about observing: I think Death Cab bass player Nick Harmer may have Rock n' Roll's largest forehead. 3) What Sarah Said is a beautiful song. It may have even been the best song about someone dying I heard yesterday (which is a pretty strong endorsement considering I bought a used copy of Eels' Blinking Lights and Other Revelations yesterday afternoon) 2) It has nothing to do with Death Cab, but why isn't anyone talking about this Eel's record? I know it's a 33 track treatise on dying relatives, depression and relationship breakup, but on first listen it was absolutely breathtaking. Listening to Whatever Happened to Soy Bomb (an indictment of the futility that is indie-rocker materialism that should be heard and considered by every self-respecting toy collector, crate diver, sneaker pimp and, yes, music blogger within earshot) I couldn't help but hit the repeat button several times in succession. Great stuff! Listen to Whatever Happened to Soy Bomb (Hey! Buy the Rekkid!) Blinking Lights and Other Revelations just jumped into my top ten for 2005 (at least this week). 1) Separated at birth: Chris Walla and Macaulay Culkin? VERY impressive Ben Gibbard picture from Rannie at Pregnant Pause Need more Death Cab? Adam Radwanski has this insightful interview with Ben Gibbard. Have you ever thought of changing your mind? (thanks, Pete) The Mountain Goats are in Toronto tonight but won't be in Montreal this time through Canada. Crappy.
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