Saturday, October 15, 2005


Rain Rain! Go Away!

PWI Radio Episode Three: Singin' In the Rain is online and ready for your listening pleasure. It includes new tracks from Broken Social Scene, The Acorn and Fiona Apple. No interview with the BellRays (yet! Please Lisa Kekaula, e-mail me back!!) but there is a track in anticipation of what should be an amazing show on Tuesday. Those of you who've been e-mailing me asking how to subscribe to the 'cast...I now have answers: Go into iTunes and click on the "Advanced" tab. Click on "Subscribe to Podcast" Put the following URL into the box: Aaaaaaaand you're done. Happy listenin'
Umm at 7:34 it just dies for me. Maybe your RSS tag is wrong? Maybe your mp3 is toasted?

First, thanks for the feedback (likin' your p-cast too)

I haven't had any problems downloading it on my RSS reader. I'll check with my friends the code nerds and get back to you!

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