Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Quickly Now!

Not a lot of time tonight (so much to do before to go to my 9pm eardrum assault appointment). The evening should be good, and relatively hipster-free (all the cool kids will be over doing this). The festivities will begin with Montreal five-piece Comme Un Homme Libre who I'm looking forward to checking out with my own eyes. Given what I've written about them before, I wonder if they're going to give me a a CD or throw vodka on me for something someone else wrote? You can listen to Comme Un Homme Libre's self titled EP here. Pregnant Pause Looks like the RSS feed on PWI Radio episode 3 is faulty (it gets two minutes in and stops feeding). My regular tech guy is unavailable, (Cammy! Get back from Edmonton soon!) Is there an RSS doctor in the house? The MP3 is fine, but it just doesn't want to get out to my subscribers! Help! (Thanks BTW to Sid for the heads up!)
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