Monday, October 31, 2005


ok Go!

PWI Radio Episode Five is up, runnin' and ready for your listenin' pleasure. There's nothin' in the way of Halloween selections (if you're interested in alternatives to the monster mash just look here, here, here or here) but the 'cast does include visits from a few of the bands making up this weeks' concert calendar including The Go! Team who are asking people going to the show tonight to wear their halloween getup (pictures tomorrow, I hope). As always, if you feel like subscribing you need only fire up iTunes, open the "advanced" menu, hit "subscribe to podcast" and pop the following in to the window: Pregnant Pause Beautiful. Just, beautiful. As I've said before, I'm not sure what artists think of them (and it's the opnions of artists that matter) but it's stories like this that reaffirm my personal opinion that DRMs suck. (via Michael
Detroit Cobras YEEEEAHH!
I like all yr noisy girl selections this week.
Thanks H!

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