Sunday, October 23, 2005


Hello Time Bomb

Episode 4 of PWI Radio (the Podcast Without Intercourse) is now up and ready for your listening pleasure. As always, you can subscribe to the show by plugging this url: into your iTunes. This week's cast includes a political riff which reads (approximately) as follows: For a while now, I've been trying to answer a simple question: If the Internet is going to keep changing the way we make, buy, share and experience music, why is it that the major labels -— the same people who have been mistreating artists for decades -— are the loudest voices in the heritage policy and copyright law debate? Don't these guys have a pretty lousy track record of sticking up for artists'’ well being? To put it another way, I wondered why the artists didn't speak for themselves. Luckily for me, the public-advocacy lawyers at the Ottawa-based Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC) have been hearing similar concerns. Together, we're trying to form a coalition of Canadian music creators. We hope this group can ensure artists have a direct say in the laws and policies that change their lives. Now is the ideal time to take action on this issue. This fall, the government is trying to pass a copyright law (“Bill C-60) that will change the landscape for Canadian artists. One of the coalition's first tasks will be to write a position paper reflecting artists copyright concerns and making sure those concerns are heard in the upcoming debate. If you're an artist, manager, producer or related music creator, and you agree that your voice isn't being heard and if you want to do something about it, the coalition would love to hear from your. Contact me by e-mail at I'd also be very appreciative if you forwarded this note to all of your music-creating friends, neighbours, colleagues and collaborators. Artist experience and input will be what makes this effort a success.
The Lucksmiths are Australian, not British. Enjoying the cast though.
I stand corrected. Thanks Sid.
Hey Keith, I'm enjoying the podcast - you gotta good voice! Just wondering though, what exactly is a podcast? Was this recorded for the blog only, or radio too?

Check out wikipedia on podcasting:

Each podcast is made exclusively for the web. Glad you enjoy them.

As for my pipes...tell the CBC, I could use a new gig!

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