Monday, October 03, 2005


Haiku Too

OK, not sure if this Haiku thing has worn out its welcome, or if anyone actually wants to see the one (crappy) photo I was able to take before the bouncers threatened to take my camera (Boo Club Soda!) but here it is, the last installment in PWI's Pop Montreal Concert Review Haiku Kings of Leon Are there prettier rock stars? Nope. Glad the set was as tight as the pants "Is that Leo Dicaprio?" Naw, just (a really grainy) Caleb Followhill (left) and his Brother Jared Pregnant Pause Looking for a great date flick? How about Shining? (via Boing Boing) Looks like Canada's not the only country dealing with copyright laws written by the record industry. Check out this info from Finland. (via Boing)
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