Monday, September 19, 2005


Never the Douanes Shall Meet

Artists, and others, visiting this great country have always run into problems with my buddies at Douanes Canada. So many problems, in fact, that some of us have personified the agency. You know, given him a name. I like to call him Dwayne. Unfortunately, Dwayne and the Zoobombs had some manner of falling out that put a stop to the show scheduled for Foufounes last night. Sad, yes, but fear not, I have a replacement Tokyo-type sensation. May I humbly present to you the fabulous Tokyo Police Club. Listen to Nature of the Experiment by Tokyo Police Club Beyond his/their name Tokyo Police Club is/are an absolute mystery to me. As far as I can tell he/they is/are from Newmarket, Ontario (home of Glass Tiger) and he/they is/are opening for Pony Up at L'Escogriffe on October 1. No telling if he's/they're actually Japanese. Not that it matters. Check him/them out at a venue near you. Pregnant Pause Tokyo Police Club come to me via the very interesting Pop Montreal podcast (now in it's third episode here). The casts are a great way to figure out which of the smaller bands attending the festival might be worth your dollars and time.
hello. my name is david and im from tokyo police club...what is with that band anyway? there's surley only one way to know..
come to our show! we think you might like it. plus our cds are dirt cheap and we give out cupcakes! vanilla AND chocolate!
we would love if you came and im sure the the winks and pony up would aswell.
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