Friday, September 30, 2005


Haiku You

Pop Montreal Concert Review Haiku "At the count of five you will think I'm Chris Martin..." Dave Martel of Only Forward Only Forward Sadly, everything sounds like Coldplay now, except brash guitar solos. More balls than Only Forward, but still not too thrilling Cory Cyr (left) and Pete Frolander of Cyr Cyr So, Cyr is Pembroke's best? Perhaps Lumber King town needs more guitar shops Bandita Liz McDermott and her special-order, riotgrrl-only Marsha Stack Banditas Liz is still toughest rock chick in our Capital. Grumpy, gruff. So good.
Cool photos! Mine never turn out this good!
Great review of CYR considering your shitty taste in music "a la NickelBack" fucknuts. Ever been to Pembroke asshole?
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