Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Guts Are More Important Than Skill

No music tonight, my brain is too full of French intransitive verbs. They're sharp and they make my head hurt. Pregnant Pause If my idle questions about the current state of metal got you thinking and if you're a do it yourself kind of gal or guy and if you just can't be satisfied with a copy of the (surely brilliant) Chainsaw Ass Massacre, then perhaps you might be able to use this do it yourself guide to becoming a black metal lord... (vi(v)a le boing) Ever wonder what would happen if Keith Primeau were a World War I trench sergeant? (Be sure you read all five or you'll miss Danny Markov's encounter with the popularizer of the steam engine...seriously) As funny as Chris Therrien as Frankenstein is (and it's pretty funny) I think this may be even funnier. (Via Carl found this very interesting video for Final Fantasy's This is the Dream of Win and Regine. Unfortunately, the video uses a mix of the song I hadn't heard before (it's layered with plenty of what I'd consider unnecessary drum tracks).
just wanted to let you know that i loved that justin rutledge song so much i bought the cd (bought Magnolia Electric Co too). Then I had the good fortune to see him live as part of a fundraiser to support the wrongfully convicted, at the Mod Club in Toronto. Unfortunately it was kind of a fancy function so the amazing lineup of performers (including Danny Michel, Tom Wilson w/Bob Lanois, and the legendary songwriter Andy Kim) sometimes seemed like an afterthought. Justin R. did just two songs but he totally kicked my ass - he's a hug talent, so thanks for the tip Fat C.

Also of note, Bob Lanois is the nicest guy! Him and Tom Wilson rocked hard and were largely ignored, but my wife and I got down to 'Under da Stormy Sky' (his brother's song). Afterward he joined us in the crowd, shook our hands and said "I'm Bob Lanois, and you guys are great!"

ps. Rutlidge is a huge talent, not a hug talent. Although he is good looking.
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