Tuesday, September 27, 2005


F**k a duck

Pregnant Pause Mayhem Bass Player Necro Butcher to Bergen concert goers: "I promise not to throw animal heads into the audience." Gene Simmons (passim.) on elementary school teachers: "They don't teach cool, I do." (via Stereogum) Bronfman to Apple: "If people using iTunes are only going to buy the songs they want - rather than paying for all the filler we've been force-feeding them - Apple better charge more." (See also, EFF to Bronfman: "You're a hypocrite") Chuck Klosterman to Bill Simmons: The only major problems with Pearl Jam's Vitalogy were that "(a) it had an oversized, environmentally -conscious jewel case, which makes it impossible to file, and (b) that it was titled 'Vitalogy,' which sounds like the name of a riboflavin supplement." Website to readers: "Please do not fuck the waterfowl." (vi(v)a ( le) Boing)
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