Sunday, September 18, 2005


Drop the frickin' bomb!

If you're not as energetic as you were at the age of 19, raise your hand. OK, that makes two of us. In fact, I'm looking at my brand spanking new PWI concert listing with equal measures of anticipation (would you just LOOK at all the great shows coming to town in the two months or so!) and fear (would you just look at the amount of SLEEP DEBT I'm going to be dealing with by the end of October). Those of you who reading in the Montreal area who like their Japanese blues-punk with a side order of funk (that'd be, what, five of you?) are in for a T-R-E-A-T tonight. Yup, Tokyo's masters of mayhem, The Zoobombs, are at Foufounes for the first of two shows in the next couple of weeks (the second is a Pop Montreal headlining slot October 1) . Though I haven't yet had the pleasure of seeing Zoobombs, I'm convinced this is going to be special. Why, you may ask? Well: 1) The Bombs 2001 live album (Bomb You - Live recorded at the El Mocombo in Toronto) shows a band that knows the impact of sloppy, rhythm-heavy power. Listen to Mo'Funky (live) (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) 2) Their 1999 album Let It Bomb includes a cover of Spinal Tap's Gimmie Some money. 3) See also #2, above. Pictures and a review tomorrow. Pregnant Pause Sign number 2861 that Montreal's economy has recovered just a titch too much...even this guy's found a new gig. Much respect to my hero John Darnielle but PWI saw em first. (As an aside, just when I thought my level of respect for Darnielle couldn't get any higher he starts showing love to the Ottawa Senators.) Have you ever wondered what happened to heavy metal? In high school, bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden were considered really heavy, evil and scary. Today, I listen to a track like Number of the Beast and - though it's great - it certainly doesn't seem heavier than current radio-friendly pop-rock. The lines have moved. The concept of heavy has definately gotten, well heavier. So, where's a guy to go today for really scary, heavy and evil music? How about Swizerland for a dose of Chainsaw Ass Massacre? (via best week ever) It turns out black people aren't the only people that W doesn't care about. (Listen closely to the beginning of Rock's speil) NPR is streaming Neil Young's new album Prairie Wind along with an interview of the man himself. Watch your back, Dr. Phil. It looks like Mr. T has parlayed a career of fool-pittying into a position as a tv advice columnist. Note to guests: Go easy on the jibber-jabber. In Montreal fine-arts news, Colonel Moammar Qadhafi's son isn't much of a painter.
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