Thursday, September 08, 2005


Cross my heart

OK, so I haven't been posting super-frequently and I've received enough complaints and concerns about my health in the last couple of days (not to mention the one or two "If you're not running your business in Ottawa full-time, and you're not working full-time in Montreal, why the hell AREN'T you posting seven times a week" e-mails) that I have to resolve to do SOMETHING. So, here goes. I'm gonna try like hell to get three posts a week in front of you all for the next eight weeks. This will be hard because: A) I'm lazy (it's true, ask anyone); B) I've been a little short of music to write about because I haven't been record shopping in several weeks (which is inexcusable, really); and, C) I'm headed to Washington D.C. tomorrow afternoon which will reduce - if not completely eliminate - my Net access until the middle of next week. (Then again, I'd love to figure out a way to liveblog THIS little bunfight) So, anyway, all of this leads me to talking about David Cross who has directed stars in* the very fun and exciting new video for A.C., Dan (oh yeah, and Neko)'s New Pornographers. Now**, I wouldn't normally mention The New Pornos, mostly because they already have gazillions and gazillions of fans and I'm not - strictly speaking - one of them. I don't dislike the band (the music is perfectly fun, catchy and good) it's just that I've seen Neko Case live at least twice solo and once with the band and every time she's seemed like kind of a dick. At The New Pornographers gig (they were touring behind their first record, Mass Romantic, with the excellent - and deceased - Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire) Neko went on at length (unprovoked as far as I could tell) asking someone (a bandmate, a member of the audience?) if they wanted to see her "Tight wet pussy." Don't get me wrong, I'm not a prude, and had it actually been funny or sexy; had her tangent been in response to provocation (e.g. Moronic Fratboy: "Yo Neko! Show us your tits" Smart-mouthed Neko: "Why, wouldn't you rather see my tight wet pussy?") or the punchline to a joke (e.g. "So the rabbi says: 'Do you wanna see my...'") I could get behind it. However, as far as I could tell, Neko's between-song patter that night consisted of a half- hearted attempt to show that she had as foul a mouth as Flea***. Booooring! Anyway, I need the preamble to explain that, despite myself and all my biases, the video for Use It may well make me buy the new New Pornographers' record. The NPs not only have the good sense to include Vancouver's most beloved rock n roll oddball but they also throw a number of Vancouver Millionaires tee shirts in clip. Damn you Cross multi-talented New Pornographers keyboardist Blaine Thurier! You and your insidiously effective marketing! You're reeling me in! (Or maybe I just have a soft spot for the Famous People Players.) * Attentive reader, and NP's keyboardist Blaine Thurier, points out that I've got my facts wrong. David Cross did give up his only day off in Vancouver to take part in the video, but he didn't direct it. In fact, Blaine did! Sorry, Blaine! ** Warning: Multiple subordinate clause and ranting, rambling paragraph(s) alert. *** Who, the only time I saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers, said goodnight by reminding us "I have a gigantic cock..." Hooray! Pregnant Pause Need another Narduwar vs. David Cross mashup? Stream The Human Serviette's radio interview with Cross here. Over at coolfer, Glenn has an interesting look at the questions of nationality regarding Antony and the Johnsons' Mercury Prize Win. Some of the debate is similar to our panel discussions this spring during The Other 50. My worst fears have come true, Everything Sounds like Coldplay Now (Via LHB) Black Eyed Peas? Come to think of it, given their aggressive form of mediocrity this might be a more accurate name for them... How do you cope with the stress of war, flood, and famine? Well, how about a big bowl of Smaller GovernMINT Speaking of the famine part...I'm not a great fan of their music, but Les Cowboys Fringant are doing a great thing holding a benefit September 20th for the millions currently starving in Niger (a tragedy that should be filed under "just because it's not on CNN doesn't mean it's not important"). Unlike many benefit shows, every cent of the gate is reportedly (subscription required) going to famine relief.
The New Pornographers' video for Use It was, in fact, directed by their keyboardist, Blaine Thurier, otherwise known as me. David Cross was kind enough to spend his only day off toiling away on our little production.
Well, blaine, GREAT WORK!

And thanks for the fact check. (If you hang around here enough you'll see that I need it).
Thanks for the tip on the vid. Will check it out. And glad to hear I'm not the only one who tires easily of Miss Neko's pottymouth. To hear her spew, you'd think she's the only woman who's ever menstruated. She's more clever than that, and shouldn't be so damn insecure about showing it.

And don't worry about not posting often enough. Nobody likes filler. Write when you have something to say.
Thanks fatcitizen. I was actually pretty flattered you thought David Cross directed it. The man is a comic genius.
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