Friday, September 16, 2005


Blue(s) State

The trip to Washington was valuable for a number of reasons. Not the least of which was a number of lucky finds in the used record racks of a number of The District's finer music establishments. In one well-appointed joint on the 18th Street Strip in Adams Morgan I managed to pick up two classics of the rhythm and the blues. One by some Hopkins guy (no not that one) and another by the remarkable, lightning in a bottle, rock supergroup moment that was the Hindu Love Gods. The story goes that the Hindu Love Gods' self-titled LP was recorded in one drunken session after a BBQ. The Gods were Mike Mills, Peter Buck and Bill Berry of R.E.M. and the late, great Warren Zevon. The album, in the words of Zevon, "took as long to record as it does to listen to." The results are a sloppy and drunken tribute to the power of spontaneity; full of and with a blazing version of Prince's Raspberry Beret thrown in for good measure (check out the crack of that snare drum). Listen to Raspberry Beret by The Hindu Love Gods (If it weren't out of print I'd tell you to Go! Buy the Rekkid!) Pregnant Pause You are the Eggman, I am the briefcase (via Kyle) Last night I dreamed that somebody commercialized another one of my memories. (via bedroom dancing)
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