Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I hate heart Winnipeg

Ok, so maybe it's hard to ACTUALLY love Winnipeg. It's next to impossible to be down with their winters, or the Mosquitoes (yes, that is a capital M) or the whole "10,000 miles from anything except Fargo" vibe. That said, the people are boss (much love, Iris) and the music scene continues to impress. My latest fave is Novillero a four-piece who mix tasty chocolate chunks of soul into into their intelligently-written pop peanut butter. Seriously, who DOESN'T love big fat horn lines? Or lyrics that are adult without being faux-world-weary? Listen to The Hypothesist (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) As great as the track is, it's improved even further by the VERY funny video (itunes required) which takes place at an elementary school science fair. (my personal favourite is the construction paper diorama on The Sweet Science...Brilliant!) Novillero's Aim Right for the Holes in Their Lives is available from itunes and Vancouver's mighty, mighty Mint Records. Pregnant Pause Speaking of Winnipeg, any idea where I can get this on a tee shirt? A number of authors, including Michael Chabon, Stephen King and David Eggers are auctioning off character names in their upcoming works. Proceeds go to the First Amendment Foundation. Chabon - who had a character in one of his novels have sex with a chaise lounge - has reserved the right to refuse a name if it's "offensive, mischievous, ill-intentioned or inappropriate." I'm not sure how bad your name would have to be to fit into one of those categories... As Keltie points out, I've mixed up John Franzen (an author I really like) and Michael Chabon (one whose written several books I've been unable to finish). In other book news, this piece offers a choice between "a weekend of sex and drugs in Edinburgh" and "talk(ing) about suicide with Nick Hornby" (link via Largehearted Boy)
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