Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Honouring John Peel

Hey folks: I'm off on vacation, but while I'm away my old buddy Mike Forbes has a few words. See you next week. FC I hope FatCitizen doesn't mind, but I'm going to take him up on an age-old invite to guest edit PWI... I thought this would be something readers would be interested in (and it's far easier to post than my original concept - rock stars that looked like the dude on the tail of Air Alaska planes - I ran out of ideas after Don Ho and maybe Bob Marley). can put me squarely in the gigantic mob of countless folks that John Peel had a tremendous impact on. It's likely the same number were just as surprised when Peel passed away last year. Hatful of Hollow, largely based on Peel Sessions, pretty much never left my walkman or turntable during my early goofy teenage years. And it doesn't seem so long ago (18 years?!? Really?) that I picked up Billy Bragg's the Peel Sessions with it's intriguing version of route 66. So I was delighted when my wife e-mailed me a story from today's Guardian announcing that the BBC plans 'Peel Day' tribute to late DJ . As FC's invite didn't include password's for his ftp client, you'll have to settle for a sample of the Undertone's Teenage Kicks (apparently Peel's favourite song) which can be heard here . As FC likes to say, "you can buy the rekkids" here. I hope that the day of gigs planned for October 13 stretches across the Atlantic, it would only be fitting giving the reach of Peel's influence.
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