Thursday, August 18, 2005


Hinterland, that's who

I'm a big dummy for a number of reasons; ask anybody. One of the most recent examples of my dummy-ness is my snoozing (and losing) on tickets to the September 16 Sigur Ros show. Yup, those crazy, pretentious Icelanders that I love so much are sold out both here and in Ottawa. I'm consoling myself with a number of things. First, even if I HAD bought Sigur Ros tickets I might not have been able to make the show (because I'm going to Washington D.C. that week to do this) . Second, as much as I like what I've heard from the new Sigur Ros record (Scenestars are streaming a copy if you're interested) I've come to the conclusion that I don't need Icelandic post rockers as much when there are such good Canadian ones! That, of course, brings me to the subject of Vancouver's Hinterland. I've actually been meaning to write a little bit about them ever since they nominated themselves for a space in the Great Big Book of Onomatopoeic Band Names. Hinterland, they argued, sounds a lot like the hinterland. Now I grew up in the hinterland, and let me assure you, nothing as spacey and wonderful as Michaela Galloway's gently layered vocal tracks ever came out of the clear cuts near my home town. Listen to Portrait of My Invention (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) Nope, this music sounds like those dreams you have when you're floating. Concert News Looks like Ted Leo is headed to Sala October 1. Blue Skies Turn Black have also announced a Death Cab For Cutie show at the Spectrum October 16 (if you're a fan, you better buy your ticket now. I get a feeling there will be radio play in the offing once Plans drops) . November's Blue Skies roster includes The Black Keys on the 17th at La Tulipe (just a few short blocks from Casa di PWI) and the super-mighty Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings at Sala on the 16. (Something tells me I'm going to be signing the September rent cheque over to the ticket guy). Pregnant Pause Forget the battle of the BBQ I spoke about earlier this week. Kevin's sent me this video which can only be called "Dueling Mullets." Kinky Friedman for Governor of can't be THAT hard. Forget The Flying Spaghetti Monster Theory of Evolution, I'm campaigning for Intelligent Falling to be taught in Quebec schools. You can buy Hinterland's very entertaining first album Under the Waterline via (it won "Best Record by a Vancouver artist" in a 2004 poll by the Georgia Straight)
Yes! Kinky for Governor! It must be so. Then Ratso can be Deputy Governor (is there such a thing?). A state official with a dead rodent on his head and the shoes of a dead man on his feet. I'm sure it wouldn't be the first time... However, if Kinky became governor and I discovered that he was as pro-Capital Punishment as Bush then that would be another hero lost to me. Quite the Catch 22.
Thanks for the props! Much appreciated. I'm glad you enjoy our music. Our brand-new stuff is much better than the old stuff, in my biased opinion.

Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend the Sigur Ros show in Vancouver, since I have to work! Grrr... I was originally supposed to review that show, too. Damn. I missed them on their last tour, as well. So it's in keeping with my track record, I guess. (I did, however, see their first Vancouver show, which was in a church and was absolutely gorgeous.)
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