Monday, June 20, 2005


Who You Callin' Chicken?

Rufus Thomas: The funkiest chicken Heard the most amazing track over at The Funky 16 Corners today. Check out the revelation that is The Radars' Finger Lickin' Chicken here. It's funny that The Radars should come to my attention this weekend as I've been listening to my Rufus Thomas albums a lot lately. Listen to Do the Funky Chicken (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) Rufus, for those of you who may have missed out, is one of the funkiest mothers ever to come out of Cayce Mississippi. How funky? Well, in addition to the Funky Chicken, Rufus has recorded The Funky Robot, The Funky Mississippi, Get Up Offa That Funk, Funky Way and, Boogie Aint Nuttin' (But Gettin' Down)*. I'm not sure if it's indie rock fatigue but I've been very much on a soul and Rn'B kick lately. You indie kids out there really should visit O'Dub, Lee and the folks at ear fuzz. They'll make your rumps shake for realz. If you must have a little indie rock flavour, just check out Rufus' 1996 tag team with the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Listen to Chicken Dog (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) Need some more tracks to fill out your "all chicken" mixtape? Did someone say eleven herbs and spices? Southern Culture on the Skids Southern Culture on the Skids' Dirt Track Date is not only a great, if under-rated album (check out the legendary Camel Walk); it's also a great source of (musically) hot and greasy fried chicken goodness. The record includes not just one but two tracks about the dirty bird. Listen to Fried Chicken and Gasoline Listen to 8 Piece Box (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) They rarely tour north of the border, but if you get the chance, I'd highly recommend a SCOTS live experience (It will give you the chance to rock a trucker hat without irony). How many chickens have they stole? The Detroit Cobras Listen to Shout Bama Lama (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) Now the chicken in Shout Bama Lama isn't fried, but it IS funky. In the hands of former butcher, former stripper, current Detroit Cobras vocalist Rachel Nagy this Otis Redding track transforms into something different; it's big and tough, but it still manages to sound feminine. The Cobras have kinda fallen off my radar recently but they did release a new album last year for Rough Trade in the UK. (Do YOU feel like paying $30 for the import? Me neither.) When you kill a chicken babe, save me the chicken head Listen to Chicken Head Man (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) As unappealing as The Colonel can be, there's something even more off-putting about T-Model Ford's poultry preference. Then again, when T-Model starts to sing "I love you babe/I'm a chicken head man" you wonder if he's hungry or if the object of his affection is just a little funny lookin'. Chicken Head man is available on T-Model's 200 Full Length She Ain't None of Your'n. Pregnant Pause Every time I try to ignore how much Coldplay bugs me I read something like this. You know how some people just avoid scary movies because they know they will be up at night with bad dreams? I should take a similar vow to avoid stories about religious nut jobs. But. I. Just. CAN'T. The New Yorker has a scary piece on the university being built to forward the political dreams of the home-schooled Christian Right. (To be more accurate, I should say the MEN of the home-schooled Christian Right. The women, it seems, will stay home and take care of the babies.) Boing Boing points us to the Romanian Catholic treatment for scizophrenia. On a lighter note, C Monks, the man responsible for one of the funniest sites I've read this year has a look at the fashion choices of the homophobes at the Westboro Baptist Church (also via the Boing). Just to prove Christians don't have strangle hold on detachment from reality, there's this. * That's just the funk Rufus brings to MYrecord collection! His discography also includes titles like Do The Funky Penguin and Do The Funky Somethin, Funky Hot Girls and the almost self-evident Funkiest Man Alive.
Speaking of religon and humour, came acorss a news article about the death of a Phillipine Cardnial. The laugh in this otherwise sad event is the guys name.

Cardinal Sin. I can't make this stuff up.

"I never kissed a bear,
I never kissed a goon,
but I can shake a chicken
in the middle of the room.
Let's have a party!"
-- Jessie Mae Robinson
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