Sunday, June 19, 2005


We'll always have Paris

Gentleman Reg gets his Hilton on Heartbroken over the oncoming cultural cataclysm that is Paris Hiltons' retirement? Fear not, her voice, it seems, is with us still. Just check out this video (NSFW, if you work for these folks) for Gentleman Reg's The Boyfriend Song. (Thanks to Carl for the tip). (You can supposedly buy a copy of Gentlemen Reg's record Darby and Joan from Arts & Crafts. If you can find out WHERE on their website...let me know) Pregnant Pause I promise THIS is the last Coldplay diss I'll post (until the next one) Then again, I didn't promise a ban on more Paris spoofs. (From Defamer)
For Reg's album...
Here's a link instead
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