Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Wednesday's child is full of whoa!

No, not THAT Wednesday If you looked over the records in my home when I was growing up they wouldn't give any hint of the rock geek I'd one day become. In fact, my parent's taste in tunes was kinda strange. My father liked marches, studded with fat brass, booming drums and, if he was REALLY lucky, bagpipes. My mom was into cheesy seventies pop and, as such, I know every assonance on every Neil Diamond track ever written. Even the banter from Love at the Greek when Neil brings Henry Winkler on stage to perform Song Sung Blue using his "Fonz" voice. When Winkler finishes his - spastic and mercifully short - chorus, Diamond congratulates him with a sincere "Henry Winkleerrrrrrrrr! Thank you, boobie."* Good Times! For better or worse, my earliest musical education consisted of equal parts church choir, CKTK radio and the juke box at the local Dairy Queen. Now the Dairy Queen in Kitimat B.C. was not your average bastion of Hot Eats and Cool Treats. In the Aluminum City, flipping burgers and making Blizzards was a union job and a well-paid one at that. Rumour in our school was that the unionized folks at the DQ made $8/hr for wearing the paper hat and cleaning up after my friends and I wrote things like "Here's your tip" in ketchup on the cracked Formica tables. That jukebox was the source of dozens of childhood memories. My friend David and I once spent the better part of an afternoon enduring the 45 of Michael Jackson's Thriller as the juke spun it over, and over, and over and over again. To this day I'm unsure if it was a technical glitch or some other malicious teenager's idea of a sick joke. The DQ juke was also the source of some warm memories. My mom used to feed it quarters to play pop songs while my brother and I ate our sundaes after lacrosse practice. I remember Spaceship Superstar (ouch) and Seasons in The Sun (double ouch). I also remember Wednesday's cover of J. Frank Wilson And The Cavaliers' Last Kiss. A cover which was also available on my copy of the immortal K-Tel Presents Dynamic Sounds. (Listen to Last Kiss by Wednesday) To my elementary-school ear, that 70s version of Last Kiss was one of the saddest songs ever written. A Sunday school class and a lesson in romantic devotion all rolled up with the (is than an) organ (?) line which now seems directly lifted from Donavan's Del Shannon's Runaway. Today I listen and wonder why it was able to sell hundreds of thousands of copies. Pregnant Pause I love Sigur Ros! Their music is amazing and magical, but I'd advise people going to see them on their upcoming North American tour to make sure they're well caffinated. Last time I saw them, I was coming out of a multi-course, multi-bottle gourmet meal. I nearly fell asleep on the floor of Metropolis. (Link from Chromewaves) M4R has an unreleased Iron and Wine track here. Does anyone else think Jack White sounds like Prince on the new single? While you're at ifilm, check out Lou's live version of Venus in Furs. Someone has put together a list of Minnesota's all time 50 tracks. (Mats? Check! Husker? Check! Morris Day and the Time? Hella-Check!) David Byrne has written a reaction to the New Yorker piece on recording and technology that I linked to earlier this week. * Note: Diamond refers to his guests as "Boobuhla" "Boo-boo-buh" and "boobie" quite frequently throughout this live album. At no time did I ask my parents what he was babbling about. This oversight haunts me still.
I'm pretty sure 'Runaway' was Del Shannon
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