Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Tuesday's Rubies

Neutral Milk Hotel: ALSO in the Library...sensing a pattern here Listen to Love You On A Tuesday Indie rockers may cringe, but I don't own In The Aeroplane Over the Sea and my copy of On Avery Island has been gathering dust for several months (it sits waiting for my next "It's too quiet in here. I need a record that sounds like a bunch of smarty pants art school grads trying to sound like a traffic jam" mood). That said, I L-O-V-E Love You on a Tuesday. It's melodic, noisy and fast. A Rock n' Roll comic book from a band that's usually spinning off clattering grad theses. (Other songs considered: Voices Carry by Gang Green, Tuesday Morning by the Autumn Defense, Tuesday, October 24th by Clem Snide, Tuesday High by the Nils) Pregnant Pause "Bah-dee-dee, Bah-dee-dee, Bah-dee-dee, Bah-dee-dee-deedle-dee-dee-dee-dee" How many skin-bleachings do you think Jacko can get for the rights to Blackbird? (Thanks Mike) The comment box over at Zoilus is hosting an interesting conversation about the ubiqutious Coldplay diss in Sunday's NYT. Speaking of today's releases, Sasha Frere Jones has a pretty interesting review of the new White Stripes record. It includes no word on whether Jack White's considering a career as a Houngan wedding planner.
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