Monday, June 06, 2005


Try These for a Week

Lowest of the Low: Reading is Fundemental I've been long on frustration and very short on inspiration the last week or so. This has, among other things, resulted in a reduced volume of activity here in PWI land. Mia culpa. There's no shortage of things to write about (including a great record from Andy Swan that you need to hear some of) just a shortage of time and stick-toitiveness. You know the drill. In hopes of waking myself up, and getting some more rock n' roll tongues a waggin' I'm going to with another theme mix: Welcome to PWI's Days of the Week y'all. (Listen to Black Monday by Lowest of the Low) If regret has a theme song, this is it. Forget the adjectives, (plantive, soulful, heartfelt, blah blah blah) and just listen to Ron Hawkins as he pours his guts out and admits that today, he's just not man enough; that the woman he loves deserves better than the depressed, defeated mess he's become. Black Monday is an early entrant in the "LASH Hall of Fame." Plus, the harmonica solo's pretty boss. Pregnant Pause Pre-order a copy of Gary Benchley's book. Know pho? Noodlepie knows! My man Tom Waits is suing someone again. By now, you'd figure everyone knows not to play with this guy. (Thanks, Mike) "Who killed and ate those people?" Well Iron Mike of course (from Black Monday was recorded on 1994's Hallucigenia.
But "salemen, cheats and Liars" is the certified gold-tipped classsic by these gentleman

Thanks,It's been a coon's age soince i thought of them
My pleasure, olexicon.

I listened to a fair bit of LOTL's stuff when we were doing our OTHER 50 a couple months back. Some of it is pretty great. What's funny is that they were among the first wave of successful Canadian indie bands in the nineties (I remember going to the HMV and seeing Shakespeare My Butt front and centre on the "Unsigned Greatness" racks or whatever the called them).

If you haven't already, do check out Ron Hawkin's stuff with the Rusty Nails, the first record (The Secret of My Excess) is pretty good stuff.
That is to say the "funny" part was that while the Americans were sending Pearl Jam, The Screaming Trees and Nirvanna into the indie battle, we were sending harmonies and accoustic guitars. Strange.
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