Thursday, June 09, 2005


Thursday, in the afternoon

Morphine get all blurry on your ass Listen to Thursday by Morphine (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) Every music addict has felt it: The Rush. The feeling you get when you hear something that, to your ears, sounds new. A different and exciting sound; something special you truly want to share with people. One of the most vivid cases of The Rush I've ever felt was upon hearing Morphine's Cure for Pain for the first time. It was a revelation; stripped down, sexy and funky. It turned the ideas of "lead instrument" and "melody" on their head. I wanted to tell EVERYONE about the primordial whump vocalist Mark Sandman could summon from his one-string bass, to try to make them understand how great pop music could be if it trusted the "lead" duties to a Dana Colley's saxophone instead of a guitar. Thursday doesn't feature enough sax to give you the full picture of where Cure for Pain was driving (when you buy the rekkid, check out All Wrong, Buena and Mary Won't You Call My Name) but it fits into this weeks' theme quite nicely! Pregnant Pause "Can you see Wayne Coyne now, out on a fun ship cruise..." (from LHB) No more updates to their world-beating web site, but Radio 3 does now have a Podcast. I wish I could stop reading about crazy creationists. (Vi[v]a le Boing) Before there was 'yac there were 40s. Who knew, however, that malt liquor could be so interesting?
Harry Nilsson's "Here is why I didn't go to work today" off the Sandman lp is another good Thursday song.
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