Monday, June 13, 2005


This weekend wasn't workin'

Scuze the visual non-sequitur, the heat has damaged my brain Hey y'all. I meant to get the weekend files up on, well, the weekend. However, The Girl's apartment in Montreal is AC free. This means I spent most of the weekend sweating my ARSE off (hard to type when your fingers are dripping). That said, I've got picks for the fun part of the week all settled and a great Pregnant Pause (my sources have been sending me all sorts of link-like goodness). So, let's begin! Friday I know you'd all love to hear Loverboy (if only for those great cowbell whacks that start the track), but I'm going with another "can't wait to get drunk" track from friends of PWI, The Dirtbombs. Listen to Livin For The Weekend (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) Having trouble explaining why I'd pick this track so how about a brief radio play? (Ambient sound: A remote control is picked up off a pizza-box covered coffee table. We hear a television clicking on. The sound of aimless channel surfing is interrupted by a knock at the door) Fatcitizen: Hello! Who is it? The Dirtbombs' Livin for the Weekend: It's the rock! Fatcitizen: Rock? The rock? What are you doing at my door? (A muffled snicker is heard) The Dirtbombs Livin for the Weekend: Well, son, I'm here to kick your ASS! Said it before, will say it again: Dirtbombs rule. (Also considered Finally Friday by George Jones and Friday Night from Fame, The Musical*) Saturday Saturday is, unsurprisingly, one of the toughest nights of the week to round down to just one track so I have to rely on: Fatcitizen’s Incontrovertible Laws of Rock. Number 48: When in doubt, count on Tom Waits 1974's The Heart of Saturday Night has not one but two classic "Saturday" tunes and you can't go wrong with either one of them so try: The Heart of Saturday Night The Ghosts of Saturday Night (Also considered: The Saturday Boy by Billy Bragg, Saturday Night at the Movies by The Drifters, Saturday Night by the Bay City Rollers**) Sunday And what would the night before be if not for the morning after? If you're not going to go with gospel (and I'd consider it, if I had a decentamountt of it in the ole collection) I think you have to go with Kris Kristofferson's version of Sunday Morning Coming Down. Listen To Sunday Morning Coming Down (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) This track was a hit for Johnny Cash and, of all people, Ray Stevens (yes, he of the "novelty" tracks including Ahab the Arab, Osama Yo Mamma and Spiders and Snakes). Stevens' version is surprisingly straight up though it played up the bass notes a great deal more than did Kristofferson to give it the old "funny hangover" effect. Pregnant Pause All this talk of Mike Reno has me thinking of Project Loverboy Squeegeeboy points out this page of some of the worst music ever recorded (no, it's not Up With People. Yes, it did make me cry...I'm sensitive like that) 50 Schekle, the worlds most kosher MC, has found Jesus? (Go down to the bottom of the page...Thanks Forbes) Gene Simmons brags to children about his sexual prowess. Children are not amused. (Thanks again, Mike) I think Willie Nelson might be back in trouble with the IRS. Don't believe me? How else could you explain this. (thanks S-gum) * OK, not really ** ibid
gotta love that Kris Kristofferson, great songwriter, but I didn't know this one wasn't originally his.


Yeah Kristofferson wrote it. Not sure who RECORDED it first, but KK has the writing credit.

The real question is... what did you think of Holly Cole's version of Heart of Saturday Night??
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