Wednesday, June 15, 2005


PWI's gonna be the last blog on the internet to...

Y'know, like, "not guilty" Pregnant Pause ...mention that if Jacko has friends like these...who needs enemies? ...wonder if the spectacle that is DFA 1979 covering the Bloc Party will result in some sort of hipster vortex that will claim the lives of thousands wearing ironic trucker hats ...worry if The Arcade Fire are going to come up with better tracks than this for their second full-length ...see if I can find two days in August to see the Pixies accoustic AND Richard Thompson at the Newport Folk Fest ...proclaim that saying "Coldplay are over" is, like, so over (even if Coldplay are, like totally over) afraid that now that this is available I'll end up doing either this or this
I was worried your GTA link would connect to this.
I think he means this:
Urgh, I mean this: this
Yeah, it is what I meant, glad you didn't get it right your first time either...
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