Thursday, June 02, 2005


Live 8 in Fat City: What? No Avril?

Looks like Bob Geldoff's heart is in the right place. His band selection however... (BNL, Jan Arden and OLP) not so hot. Then again, it could be worse, we could live in Philly (Cummon down Bon Jovi!) At any rate, I'm with Aaron, let's bring back the Northern Lights! I'm pretty sure Mark Holmes and Larry Gowan would do it for meal money. Another question, WTF were Eugene Levy and John Candy doing in the original Northern Lights lineup? Was Canada REALLY that short of star power in 1985? Did no one call Zappacosta? (wait, they did? Ok, nevermind)
Don't know if you saw the the Head Boom Town Rat interview on CBC. He made an interesting comment (and the reason I would guess for BaNaL). He said it is not about putting on music he might like that 100,000 people might listen to. It is about finding a band that has a 3 4 5 million person audience and deliver them so the message about Africa (his words) can be delivered.

So hockey hair be damned, all those 30 something Slippery When Wet fans can reconnect, and hear that Africa is poor and maybe something should be done.

living here in edinburgh the shop keepers are freaking out..will there be enough irn-bru and shortbread for all the hungry hordes...kind of like a pilgrimage to Granada. Midge has asked us to upen up our garden sheds and throw a few tarpaulins out in the back yard..but us scots are a wee bit too canny for that i think. Mrs McGregors Bed and Breakfast will be looking for a chance to charge £2.00 for a shower rather than 20p
anyway Bob is Bob is Bob and his music was never as exciting as his hair cut.
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