Saturday, June 25, 2005


Decisions Decisions

John K Sampson is playing solo at the Black Sheep tonight opening for Christine Fellows. Meanwhile, over at Irene's, the Banditas are going to be bringing the serious Rock and Roll. Advantage, Banditas, if only because it will make an easier drunken stumble home after the house party I'm also attending tonight. Whew! Sorry to have spent so little time with you all this week. Between the NBA Finals (yes, admittedly, I'm a sports geek) and the rapidly changing personal/professional life (more on that later), it's been a little difficult to find the time and inspiration. That said, I'm back, and at least as good as ever (and Blogger has taught me how to set photos on the left margin without learning any more HTML, which is solid). I'll get to some music later (hint: Robbie Fulks' new record kicks ass, and I have a bone to pick with those people who failed to tell be about Justin Rutledge sooner...Seriously! Where WERE you guys). In the interim, I'll hit you with another.... Pregnant Pause Here's a sports geek/music geek mashup. (Scroll Down to "Knowledge Archive") Did you know that Gil Scott Heron's dad was a professional soccer player? And that he also played for the Canadian Air Force? (Thanks Toon Townie) Forget Intelligent Design, I'm signing the petition to have the Flying Spaghetti Monster Theory of Evolution taught in Kansas schools. (Via Boing Boing) I know I'm late it posting this, but there's a Masters student in England who's surveyed me and a bunch of the neighbours on the evolution of MP3 Bloggin'. The results are somewhat interesting but not surprising. Do you think Tom Cruise is actually a Sith Lord? Dang link's dead! Speaking of Scientology...did you know L-Ron (sounds kinda street if you give it the right inflection, don't it?) was also a rock n' roller...sorta. (via
go to john/christine. i saw them last night in kingston and the latter was particularly wonderful.
Likin' your bloggin'.
Thanks a lot.
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