Saturday, June 25, 2005


Decisions Decisions

John K Sampson is playing solo at the Black Sheep tonight opening for Christine Fellows. Meanwhile, over at Irene's, the Banditas are going to be bringing the serious Rock and Roll. Advantage, Banditas, if only because it will make an easier drunken stumble home after the house party I'm also attending tonight. Whew! Sorry to have spent so little time with you all this week. Between the NBA Finals (yes, admittedly, I'm a sports geek) and the rapidly changing personal/professional life (more on that later), it's been a little difficult to find the time and inspiration. That said, I'm back, and at least as good as ever (and Blogger has taught me how to set photos on the left margin without learning any more HTML, which is solid). I'll get to some music later (hint: Robbie Fulks' new record kicks ass, and I have a bone to pick with those people who failed to tell be about Justin Rutledge sooner...Seriously! Where WERE you guys). In the interim, I'll hit you with another.... Pregnant Pause Here's a sports geek/music geek mashup. (Scroll Down to "Knowledge Archive") Did you know that Gil Scott Heron's dad was a professional soccer player? And that he also played for the Canadian Air Force? (Thanks Toon Townie) Forget Intelligent Design, I'm signing the petition to have the Flying Spaghetti Monster Theory of Evolution taught in Kansas schools. (Via Boing Boing) I know I'm late it posting this, but there's a Masters student in England who's surveyed me and a bunch of the neighbours on the evolution of MP3 Bloggin'. The results are somewhat interesting but not surprising. Do you think Tom Cruise is actually a Sith Lord? Dang link's dead! Speaking of Scientology...did you know L-Ron (sounds kinda street if you give it the right inflection, don't it?) was also a rock n' roller...sorta. (via

Monday, June 20, 2005


Who You Callin' Chicken?

Rufus Thomas: The funkiest chicken Heard the most amazing track over at The Funky 16 Corners today. Check out the revelation that is The Radars' Finger Lickin' Chicken here. It's funny that The Radars should come to my attention this weekend as I've been listening to my Rufus Thomas albums a lot lately. Listen to Do the Funky Chicken (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) Rufus, for those of you who may have missed out, is one of the funkiest mothers ever to come out of Cayce Mississippi. How funky? Well, in addition to the Funky Chicken, Rufus has recorded The Funky Robot, The Funky Mississippi, Get Up Offa That Funk, Funky Way and, Boogie Aint Nuttin' (But Gettin' Down)*. I'm not sure if it's indie rock fatigue but I've been very much on a soul and Rn'B kick lately. You indie kids out there really should visit O'Dub, Lee and the folks at ear fuzz. They'll make your rumps shake for realz. If you must have a little indie rock flavour, just check out Rufus' 1996 tag team with the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Listen to Chicken Dog (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) Need some more tracks to fill out your "all chicken" mixtape? Did someone say eleven herbs and spices? Southern Culture on the Skids Southern Culture on the Skids' Dirt Track Date is not only a great, if under-rated album (check out the legendary Camel Walk); it's also a great source of (musically) hot and greasy fried chicken goodness. The record includes not just one but two tracks about the dirty bird. Listen to Fried Chicken and Gasoline Listen to 8 Piece Box (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) They rarely tour north of the border, but if you get the chance, I'd highly recommend a SCOTS live experience (It will give you the chance to rock a trucker hat without irony). How many chickens have they stole? The Detroit Cobras Listen to Shout Bama Lama (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) Now the chicken in Shout Bama Lama isn't fried, but it IS funky. In the hands of former butcher, former stripper, current Detroit Cobras vocalist Rachel Nagy this Otis Redding track transforms into something different; it's big and tough, but it still manages to sound feminine. The Cobras have kinda fallen off my radar recently but they did release a new album last year for Rough Trade in the UK. (Do YOU feel like paying $30 for the import? Me neither.) When you kill a chicken babe, save me the chicken head Listen to Chicken Head Man (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) As unappealing as The Colonel can be, there's something even more off-putting about T-Model Ford's poultry preference. Then again, when T-Model starts to sing "I love you babe/I'm a chicken head man" you wonder if he's hungry or if the object of his affection is just a little funny lookin'. Chicken Head man is available on T-Model's 200 Full Length She Ain't None of Your'n. Pregnant Pause Every time I try to ignore how much Coldplay bugs me I read something like this. You know how some people just avoid scary movies because they know they will be up at night with bad dreams? I should take a similar vow to avoid stories about religious nut jobs. But. I. Just. CAN'T. The New Yorker has a scary piece on the university being built to forward the political dreams of the home-schooled Christian Right. (To be more accurate, I should say the MEN of the home-schooled Christian Right. The women, it seems, will stay home and take care of the babies.) Boing Boing points us to the Romanian Catholic treatment for scizophrenia. On a lighter note, C Monks, the man responsible for one of the funniest sites I've read this year has a look at the fashion choices of the homophobes at the Westboro Baptist Church (also via the Boing). Just to prove Christians don't have strangle hold on detachment from reality, there's this. * That's just the funk Rufus brings to MYrecord collection! His discography also includes titles like Do The Funky Penguin and Do The Funky Somethin, Funky Hot Girls and the almost self-evident Funkiest Man Alive.

Sunday, June 19, 2005


Happy Fathers Day, Dad.

Say it's big enough for us both in this town Listen to A Father and A Son by Loudon Wainwright III Listen to Father and Son by Cat Stevens (Go! Buy the Rekkids!) My dad, as I've mentioned before, isn't much for the rock n' the roll (or weepy acoustic ballads, for that matter) but I don't know any reels or marches about fatherhood. Happy fathers day, anyway, Pop. On a completely different issue, did anyone catch that roundball game tonight? Finally a quality tilt (even though Tim Duncan seems to be studying at the famous Karl Malone School of Clutch Shooting).

We'll always have Paris

Gentleman Reg gets his Hilton on Heartbroken over the oncoming cultural cataclysm that is Paris Hiltons' retirement? Fear not, her voice, it seems, is with us still. Just check out this video (NSFW, if you work for these folks) for Gentleman Reg's The Boyfriend Song. (Thanks to Carl for the tip). (You can supposedly buy a copy of Gentlemen Reg's record Darby and Joan from Arts & Crafts. If you can find out WHERE on their website...let me know) Pregnant Pause I promise THIS is the last Coldplay diss I'll post (until the next one) Then again, I didn't promise a ban on more Paris spoofs. (From Defamer)

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


PWI's gonna be the last blog on the internet to...

Y'know, like, "not guilty" Pregnant Pause ...mention that if Jacko has friends like these...who needs enemies? ...wonder if the spectacle that is DFA 1979 covering the Bloc Party will result in some sort of hipster vortex that will claim the lives of thousands wearing ironic trucker hats ...worry if The Arcade Fire are going to come up with better tracks than this for their second full-length ...see if I can find two days in August to see the Pixies accoustic AND Richard Thompson at the Newport Folk Fest ...proclaim that saying "Coldplay are over" is, like, so over (even if Coldplay are, like totally over) afraid that now that this is available I'll end up doing either this or this

Monday, June 13, 2005


This weekend wasn't workin'

Scuze the visual non-sequitur, the heat has damaged my brain Hey y'all. I meant to get the weekend files up on, well, the weekend. However, The Girl's apartment in Montreal is AC free. This means I spent most of the weekend sweating my ARSE off (hard to type when your fingers are dripping). That said, I've got picks for the fun part of the week all settled and a great Pregnant Pause (my sources have been sending me all sorts of link-like goodness). So, let's begin! Friday I know you'd all love to hear Loverboy (if only for those great cowbell whacks that start the track), but I'm going with another "can't wait to get drunk" track from friends of PWI, The Dirtbombs. Listen to Livin For The Weekend (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) Having trouble explaining why I'd pick this track so how about a brief radio play? (Ambient sound: A remote control is picked up off a pizza-box covered coffee table. We hear a television clicking on. The sound of aimless channel surfing is interrupted by a knock at the door) Fatcitizen: Hello! Who is it? The Dirtbombs' Livin for the Weekend: It's the rock! Fatcitizen: Rock? The rock? What are you doing at my door? (A muffled snicker is heard) The Dirtbombs Livin for the Weekend: Well, son, I'm here to kick your ASS! Said it before, will say it again: Dirtbombs rule. (Also considered Finally Friday by George Jones and Friday Night from Fame, The Musical*) Saturday Saturday is, unsurprisingly, one of the toughest nights of the week to round down to just one track so I have to rely on: Fatcitizen’s Incontrovertible Laws of Rock. Number 48: When in doubt, count on Tom Waits 1974's The Heart of Saturday Night has not one but two classic "Saturday" tunes and you can't go wrong with either one of them so try: The Heart of Saturday Night The Ghosts of Saturday Night (Also considered: The Saturday Boy by Billy Bragg, Saturday Night at the Movies by The Drifters, Saturday Night by the Bay City Rollers**) Sunday And what would the night before be if not for the morning after? If you're not going to go with gospel (and I'd consider it, if I had a decentamountt of it in the ole collection) I think you have to go with Kris Kristofferson's version of Sunday Morning Coming Down. Listen To Sunday Morning Coming Down (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) This track was a hit for Johnny Cash and, of all people, Ray Stevens (yes, he of the "novelty" tracks including Ahab the Arab, Osama Yo Mamma and Spiders and Snakes). Stevens' version is surprisingly straight up though it played up the bass notes a great deal more than did Kristofferson to give it the old "funny hangover" effect. Pregnant Pause All this talk of Mike Reno has me thinking of Project Loverboy Squeegeeboy points out this page of some of the worst music ever recorded (no, it's not Up With People. Yes, it did make me cry...I'm sensitive like that) 50 Schekle, the worlds most kosher MC, has found Jesus? (Go down to the bottom of the page...Thanks Forbes) Gene Simmons brags to children about his sexual prowess. Children are not amused. (Thanks again, Mike) I think Willie Nelson might be back in trouble with the IRS. Don't believe me? How else could you explain this. (thanks S-gum) * OK, not really ** ibid

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Thursday, in the afternoon

Morphine get all blurry on your ass Listen to Thursday by Morphine (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) Every music addict has felt it: The Rush. The feeling you get when you hear something that, to your ears, sounds new. A different and exciting sound; something special you truly want to share with people. One of the most vivid cases of The Rush I've ever felt was upon hearing Morphine's Cure for Pain for the first time. It was a revelation; stripped down, sexy and funky. It turned the ideas of "lead instrument" and "melody" on their head. I wanted to tell EVERYONE about the primordial whump vocalist Mark Sandman could summon from his one-string bass, to try to make them understand how great pop music could be if it trusted the "lead" duties to a Dana Colley's saxophone instead of a guitar. Thursday doesn't feature enough sax to give you the full picture of where Cure for Pain was driving (when you buy the rekkid, check out All Wrong, Buena and Mary Won't You Call My Name) but it fits into this weeks' theme quite nicely! Pregnant Pause "Can you see Wayne Coyne now, out on a fun ship cruise..." (from LHB) No more updates to their world-beating web site, but Radio 3 does now have a Podcast. I wish I could stop reading about crazy creationists. (Vi[v]a le Boing) Before there was 'yac there were 40s. Who knew, however, that malt liquor could be so interesting?

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Wednesday's child is full of whoa!

No, not THAT Wednesday If you looked over the records in my home when I was growing up they wouldn't give any hint of the rock geek I'd one day become. In fact, my parent's taste in tunes was kinda strange. My father liked marches, studded with fat brass, booming drums and, if he was REALLY lucky, bagpipes. My mom was into cheesy seventies pop and, as such, I know every assonance on every Neil Diamond track ever written. Even the banter from Love at the Greek when Neil brings Henry Winkler on stage to perform Song Sung Blue using his "Fonz" voice. When Winkler finishes his - spastic and mercifully short - chorus, Diamond congratulates him with a sincere "Henry Winkleerrrrrrrrr! Thank you, boobie."* Good Times! For better or worse, my earliest musical education consisted of equal parts church choir, CKTK radio and the juke box at the local Dairy Queen. Now the Dairy Queen in Kitimat B.C. was not your average bastion of Hot Eats and Cool Treats. In the Aluminum City, flipping burgers and making Blizzards was a union job and a well-paid one at that. Rumour in our school was that the unionized folks at the DQ made $8/hr for wearing the paper hat and cleaning up after my friends and I wrote things like "Here's your tip" in ketchup on the cracked Formica tables. That jukebox was the source of dozens of childhood memories. My friend David and I once spent the better part of an afternoon enduring the 45 of Michael Jackson's Thriller as the juke spun it over, and over, and over and over again. To this day I'm unsure if it was a technical glitch or some other malicious teenager's idea of a sick joke. The DQ juke was also the source of some warm memories. My mom used to feed it quarters to play pop songs while my brother and I ate our sundaes after lacrosse practice. I remember Spaceship Superstar (ouch) and Seasons in The Sun (double ouch). I also remember Wednesday's cover of J. Frank Wilson And The Cavaliers' Last Kiss. A cover which was also available on my copy of the immortal K-Tel Presents Dynamic Sounds. (Listen to Last Kiss by Wednesday) To my elementary-school ear, that 70s version of Last Kiss was one of the saddest songs ever written. A Sunday school class and a lesson in romantic devotion all rolled up with the (is than an) organ (?) line which now seems directly lifted from Donavan's Del Shannon's Runaway. Today I listen and wonder why it was able to sell hundreds of thousands of copies. Pregnant Pause I love Sigur Ros! Their music is amazing and magical, but I'd advise people going to see them on their upcoming North American tour to make sure they're well caffinated. Last time I saw them, I was coming out of a multi-course, multi-bottle gourmet meal. I nearly fell asleep on the floor of Metropolis. (Link from Chromewaves) M4R has an unreleased Iron and Wine track here. Does anyone else think Jack White sounds like Prince on the new single? While you're at ifilm, check out Lou's live version of Venus in Furs. Someone has put together a list of Minnesota's all time 50 tracks. (Mats? Check! Husker? Check! Morris Day and the Time? Hella-Check!) David Byrne has written a reaction to the New Yorker piece on recording and technology that I linked to earlier this week. * Note: Diamond refers to his guests as "Boobuhla" "Boo-boo-buh" and "boobie" quite frequently throughout this live album. At no time did I ask my parents what he was babbling about. This oversight haunts me still.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Tuesday's Rubies

Neutral Milk Hotel: ALSO in the Library...sensing a pattern here Listen to Love You On A Tuesday Indie rockers may cringe, but I don't own In The Aeroplane Over the Sea and my copy of On Avery Island has been gathering dust for several months (it sits waiting for my next "It's too quiet in here. I need a record that sounds like a bunch of smarty pants art school grads trying to sound like a traffic jam" mood). That said, I L-O-V-E Love You on a Tuesday. It's melodic, noisy and fast. A Rock n' Roll comic book from a band that's usually spinning off clattering grad theses. (Other songs considered: Voices Carry by Gang Green, Tuesday Morning by the Autumn Defense, Tuesday, October 24th by Clem Snide, Tuesday High by the Nils) Pregnant Pause "Bah-dee-dee, Bah-dee-dee, Bah-dee-dee, Bah-dee-dee-deedle-dee-dee-dee-dee" How many skin-bleachings do you think Jacko can get for the rights to Blackbird? (Thanks Mike) The comment box over at Zoilus is hosting an interesting conversation about the ubiqutious Coldplay diss in Sunday's NYT. Speaking of today's releases, Sasha Frere Jones has a pretty interesting review of the new White Stripes record. It includes no word on whether Jack White's considering a career as a Houngan wedding planner.

Monday, June 06, 2005


Try These for a Week

Lowest of the Low: Reading is Fundemental I've been long on frustration and very short on inspiration the last week or so. This has, among other things, resulted in a reduced volume of activity here in PWI land. Mia culpa. There's no shortage of things to write about (including a great record from Andy Swan that you need to hear some of) just a shortage of time and stick-toitiveness. You know the drill. In hopes of waking myself up, and getting some more rock n' roll tongues a waggin' I'm going to with another theme mix: Welcome to PWI's Days of the Week y'all. (Listen to Black Monday by Lowest of the Low) If regret has a theme song, this is it. Forget the adjectives, (plantive, soulful, heartfelt, blah blah blah) and just listen to Ron Hawkins as he pours his guts out and admits that today, he's just not man enough; that the woman he loves deserves better than the depressed, defeated mess he's become. Black Monday is an early entrant in the "LASH Hall of Fame." Plus, the harmonica solo's pretty boss. Pregnant Pause Pre-order a copy of Gary Benchley's book. Know pho? Noodlepie knows! My man Tom Waits is suing someone again. By now, you'd figure everyone knows not to play with this guy. (Thanks, Mike) "Who killed and ate those people?" Well Iron Mike of course (from Black Monday was recorded on 1994's Hallucigenia.

Thursday, June 02, 2005


Live 8 in Fat City: What? No Avril?

Looks like Bob Geldoff's heart is in the right place. His band selection however... (BNL, Jan Arden and OLP) not so hot. Then again, it could be worse, we could live in Philly (Cummon down Bon Jovi!) At any rate, I'm with Aaron, let's bring back the Northern Lights! I'm pretty sure Mark Holmes and Larry Gowan would do it for meal money. Another question, WTF were Eugene Levy and John Candy doing in the original Northern Lights lineup? Was Canada REALLY that short of star power in 1985? Did no one call Zappacosta? (wait, they did? Ok, nevermind)

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