Friday, May 27, 2005


Somebody KELP me!

(Listen to Gary Haché by Andrew Vincent and the Pirates) If one day an asteroid hits Montreal and New York and maybe even L.A. and London and - in the resulting catastrophe - Ottawa becomes "the next Montreal" (which would make it the Next Next Raleigh, or the Next Next Next NEXT Seattle) then Kelp records will be our Constellation/Merge/Sub Pop. It's true! Jon Bartlett - Kelp's founder, and the mastermind behind Greenfield Main and Rhume - is one of Fat City's original DIY'ers and this weekend he's got half the acts on his label getting together to paint the town green-ish. Good stuff. Looking forward to seeing old faves Andrew Vincent and the Pirates (with Rolf Klausener filling in for bass player Bryan Curry) and The Acorn along with new (to me at least) faces Camp Radio, The Flaps and The Banditas tomorrow night at Barrymore's. Pregnant Pause, later.
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