Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Quien tiene mas rock?

(Listen to Fighting Girl) Rock and Roll needs more women like Liz McDermott; women who aren't afraid to holler a little bit and kick up a fuss. Don't misunderstand, the Banditas' lead singer isn't impolite. Saturday night, she took the time to remind us how happy she was to be the only woman performer at Kelp's 11th birthday "sausage fest." Then she smirked and with a gruff "One, Two, Three, Four!" released the sonic hounds. McDermott and the two other Banditas - bassist guitar player (sue me, I was drinking!) Scott Terry and stand up (!) drummer Colin Vincent - play rock and roll with chutzpah (you'd call it "balls" at a sausage fest); it's muddy, aggressive and just a little angry. The Bandita's self titled debut will be available at their CD release at Irene's on June 22nd 25th or get in contact with Last Drag Records. Pregnant Pause Bite bite bite bite bite...What you never seen a talking chimp before? Just when I hit a wall, running short of new ways to think about old songs, my buddy Mike Forbes sends me this thread which gives me a whole new look at one of my favourite Mats tracks. (Listen to I Will Dare) Just look for Paul Healy's quote about cigarettes and bacon in the middle of the page. Thanks, Mike. Looks like Gary Benchley has a book deal. Also from Mike, this interesting Project where average people (and also journalists) attempt to recreate their favourite album covers. Some of the attempts are successful and some have the models coming off like "waiters at a particularly low-rent transvestite bar." Good read. Also a good read is this piece which asks questions about how recording technology changes the way artists perform. It's something I've been interested in for awhile along with the death of the record. Don't know why I'm still obsessing over this but Newman has a hilarious line re: the lovely and talented Ms. Belinda: "The press label Stronach as the sexiest politician, kinda like saying Delta Burke was the best looking Designing Woman."
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