Thursday, May 19, 2005


Quickly Now!

First, many thanks to those of you who sent messages of condolence about my uncle. They are appreciated. No music tonight. I just got into Montreal for the Bright Eyes show. It's billed as "songs from Digital Ash in a Digital Urn" but here's to hoping Conor drops some Wide Awake stuff for us old guys. (Review tomorrow) What's left is today's "Quick Hits" section. Does anyone mind if from now on I call it Pregnant Pause? Nobody? OK! Pregnant Pause - Jonathan Franzen has an interesting short story on the New Yorker site today. (I'd sure love to see another novel from him as good as The Corrections) - The OTHER 50 Tracks is featured in this week's Georgia Straight and I'm confirmed on tomorrow's edition of Here and Now between 4:15 and 4:30. Stream it here, if you'd like. - Was anyone else spooked to hear The The on a Docker's commercial? - If you're headed out to see Bright Eyes tonight you might want to read this.
have fun at the show. we'll be going to new york to see him on saturday so let us know if he mixes it up.
FC - don't mean to be a contrarian, but I thought the Franzen short was really weak (as was his absurd essay about Gaddis a year or so ago).

The fiction at the New Yorker has really slipped since Deborah Teisman took over.

Of course, James Surowiecki continues to knock it out of the park. His last bit about the changing economics of music was great:

I didn't read the Gaddis piece (probably because I haven't read any Gaddis) but I was glad to read that Franzen was still alive. The story wasn't the best thing I've read in ages, but I kinda liked it and for some reason I had a feeling he'd fallen off the face of the earth.

I agree with you about that Surowiecki piece though, at least as good as anything that Frere Jones has written in the last little while (it might be a little apples to oranges, I know, but they're both about music)

Brandon, I have more to say about the concert tomorrow, but, sadly, I can't say I was very impressed.

Ha! The Georgia Straight writer ignored the Swollen Members in his run-down of the West coast bands included on the list. At last someone dropped some sort of veto on that hideous tune!
Aaron? Is that you?

If you mean Aaron as in Aaron-I'd-never-veto-anyone-that-would-be-mean-Wherry, then no, it's not Aaron.

Actually, no matter which Aaron you mean, the answer is still no. I'm just a random reader is all.
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