Friday, May 13, 2005


Heart The Glass

I’m a minor poet, you’re a finer breed

I think The Glass are the first addition to the a very short essay I’m building called “The Great Big Book of Onomatopoeic Rock n’ Roll Band Names”.*

Think about it. How often is it that an act’s name is actually a fairly accurate description of their sound?

The Glass sound like, well, glass. (Listen to Tell Me It’s Snowing)

Tell Me It’s Snowing is brittle and clear and delicate. In the intro, the guitars move languidly, like light calmly refracting though a dusty window. By the end of the song, a crescendo of noise tumbles, and shatters and spills wine all over the hardwood floor.


Quickly Now!

Happy third birthday to my wonderful niece, Tessa. This one’s for you, sweetheart! (Listen to Springtime in Centretown by The Acorn)

Looks like Cuff the Duke have a new record coming out August 20.

I bet I’m not the only guy in this town who’s hoping it gets above zero for the Joel Plaskett show Monday night.

Gov, one of my best friends in this world, is getting married over the long weekend. If he weren't, or if I could be in two places at once I'd do this, this, oh, and also this .

Buy The Glass' Concorde. Buy The Pink Ghosts by The Acorn. *This essay does not actually exist. If it did, it would certainly not include Oasis (who do not sound like date palms, tents, hookahs and the dehydrated), The Rolling Stones (obvs.), The Beatles (ibid.) or Cannibal Corpse (who would, if they had an onomatopoeic band name, sound way more like groaning and munching).

Hinterland sounds like the hinterland:

I disagree. Hinterland sound good (REALLY good, actually. Thanks for the hookup) but I get more of a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (or to Sigur Ros' Iceland) vibe than feeling for the forests and clearcuts of my youth.

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