Thursday, May 12, 2005


"Hallelujah, it's raining (Goat) men!"

Now that all the guests have gone and we've finished that list thing we can get back to the usual bits of unusualness. (Listen to Song For Cleomenes by The Mountain Goats) First, many thanks to Mr. Mountain Goat, John Darnielle for the memorable and powerful musical experience Tuesday at La Sala Rosa. I'm not sure where to begin, and Frank did a great job of describing how things went down in Toronto last night, so here's a quick, Montreal brain dump: * If you're ever wondering what the phrase "cognitive dissonance" means, you need look no further than Tuesday's first opener Jeff Hanson. (No, smart asses, not those Hansons. Or the other ones.) It may seem shallow of me, but the contradiction between the way Hanson looks (relatively barrel-chested everydude in a plain tee shirt) and the way his voice sounds (In a word: high. I mean, REALLY high. Not just "high for a dude" high, but Joni Mitchell or Kate Bush high . . . seriously) had me kinda confused. In fact, I was blinking in disbelief so much I could barely take the music in. I enjoyed what I heard (that is when I wasn't craning my neck looking backstage for Simon and Theodore.) (Listen to Hiding Behind the Moon) * John Darnielle loves to perform. It's written all over his face. His smile and enthusiasm make it impossible to have a bad time. His music, which I love, only makes things better. It was worth every minute of the two and a half hour drive to the M-T-L (goddamn traffic on the 40) to get out and see him, even on a school night. Highlights: See America Right, You or Your Memory, Love Love Love and the single verse cover of It's Rainin' Men (with lyrical help from your's truly) Lo-lights: Hipster morons who feel the need to keep their conversations going at the top of their lungs during the set. Dear Girl With All The Bangs Desperately Trying To Look Like Karen O, First, trying to look like Karen O is, like, soooooooo 2003. Second, if you and your friends want to be annoying, why don't you head to the local multiplex and start taking cell phone calls during the movies? Why instead, must you give ME needless aggravation? If you're interested in reading more about The Mountain Goats, head over to LHB where David has been a one-man Goatcyclopedia of late. Or read this New Yorker Article David may have missed. Unrelated Quick Thoughts Five things I didn't know PWI also stands for Pro Wrestling Illustrated Posting While Intoxicated PrimeWest energy Incorporated Personal Watercraft Illustrated (not, it seems, affiliated with Pro Wrestling Illustrated) Plasma Wave Instrument I've been getting a disturbing number of hits on this post with these search terms...and, I'm sorry. And, I'm going to take down all The OTHER 50 Tracks sound files this weekend. If you haven't listened to em yet, you're gonna have to soon. Buy a copy of The Mountain Goat's Beautiful Rat Sunset Buy a copy of Jeff Hanson's Son.
It's incredible that such a precious musical gem as The Mountain Goats comes to my ears after so many many time around.
Probably you can call it prejudice... Perhaps there are many shining songwriters in USA and also in Italy, and their light covers the new (for me) stars.
Thanks a lot. There is always something to learn from you.
Bueno sera nrkey,

The Mountain Goats are an outstanding addition to any good record collection. Good luck hunting some down in Italy!

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