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The OTHER 50 - 2wenty too

Wondering what all this is about? Before you begin, you might want to read days one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty and twenty one. The List so Far: Round 1: Hockey: Jane Siberry (Mike) Helpless: Neil Young (Keith) I Go Blind: 54-40 (Peter) Nothing at All: Maestro Fresh Wes (Aaron) Tired of Waking Up Tired: The Diodes (Carol) A Case of You: Joni Mitchell (Carl) Round 2: Have Not Been The Same: Slow (Mike) Hallelujah (Live): Leonard Cohen (Keith) Wheat Kings: The Tragically Hip (Pete) Vetoed By Carol Subdivisions: Rush (Carol) Vetoed By Keith Rags and Bones: Nomeansno (Carl) Round 3: One Great City!: The Weakerthans (Mike) Westray: Weeping Tile (Keith) Vetoed By Pete Deeper Than Beauty: Sloan (Pete) Having an Average Weekend: Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet (Aaron) I've Been Everywhere: Hank Snow (Carol) Illegal Bodies: Simply Saucer (Carl) Round 4: Help Me Rhonda: The Langley Schools Music Project (Mike) Vetoed By Pete Secret Heart: Ron Sexsmith (Aaron) (FC's note: Actually Aaron's Round 2 Catch Up Pick!) Daylight: The Nils (Keith) Barrett's Privateers: Stan Rogers (Pete) Vetoed By Mike War in Peace: Skip Spence(Aaron) Vetoed By Carol Static: Terrible Canyons of Static; Chart #3; World Police and Friendly: Godspeed You Black Emperor! (Carol) What About Me? The Nihilist Spasm Band (Carl) Vetoed By Keith Round 5: Blues For Big Scotia: Oscar Peterson (Mike) Sudbury Saturday Night: Stompin' Tom Conners (Keith) Little Girl: Death From Above 1979 (Pete) Brian Wilson (Live): The Barenaked Ladies (Aaron) Vetoed By Carl New York City: The Demics (Carol) Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: Buffy Sainte Marie (Carl) Round 6: Blues for Pablo: Gil Evans with Miles Davis (Mike) O Marie: Daniel Lanois (Keith) Can't You See: The Matt Minglewood Band (Pete) OK Blue Jays: The Bat Boys (Aaron) Vetoed By Keith Put the Blame On Me: Handsome Ned (Carol) Time to Get a Gun: Fred Eaglesmith (Carl) Round 7: Log Driver's Waltz: Kate and Anna McGarrigle (Mike) Curling: The Dik Van Dykes (Keith) The Deep End: Swollen Members (Peter) Theme to Hockey Night in Canada: Dolores Claman (Aaron) Andy: Mike O'Neill (Carol) Cool It: Wayne McGhie & The Sounds of Joy (Carl) Round 8: Rumours of Glory: Bruce Cockburn (Mike) Wake Up: The Arcade Fire (Keith) Fly at Night: Chilliwack (Peter) 10lbs: The Super Friendz (Aaron) Staying in on Weekends: The Grievous Angels (Carol) Power: Plunderphonics (Carl) Round 9: Mike's Pick TK Satellite: Jim Bryson (Keith) Love the OTHER 50? HATE the OTHER 50? Wanna hate on me because I got Arcade Fire tickets? Leave a comment! Carl: But is it too late to veto Chilliwack? I'm not sure if I think so much of the tracks by Superfriend (who seem to be taking up Joel Plaskett's rightful place) or Cockburn (whom I like, but Rumours of Glory just isn't that much of a standout to me), and I would veto Swollen Members too except that it's too late (it seemed like someone else was going to - why not?) but, man, Chilliwack just plain suck. They're exactly what people think of when they think of Canadian rock -- and shudder. They're a one-band argument against Canadian Content rules, the kind of band that without CanCon nobody would ever have heard of, and nobody would have been any the worse or the wiser for it. I know this probably dooms whatever I pick next, but let's maintain some minimal "floor" kind of standards here, despite the over-all slightly random feeling. Keith: No, there's still time. Carol: I always thought Loverboy was the epitome of CanCon ridicule? Peter: No, that was Platinum Blonde. Carol: Didn't Loverboy get mentioned on "South Park"? Hell, I'm surprised they didn't re-issue some drek on that alone complete with an "endorsed by "Terrence and Phillip" sticker! Keith: I always thought the South Parkies were picking on Anne Murray. Carol: Anne Murray and Celine Dion both got picked on. Loverboy got,um, screwed during the "elephant makes love to a pig" episode where the boys attempt to splice DNA for a science project. This infomation I retrieved from an essay hosted at Trent U. Regardless of the attempt at academic analysis, I love me some South Park. Keith: YES!!!! I remember "That song by Loverboy" Pig n' Elephant DNA, just don't splice. . . .good times. Carl: Consider the Chilliwack-wack a done deal. They're sleepin' with the fishes. I mean, if you're gonna go for goofy crass fun, folks, go for it in grand style - I'd much rather have kept Rush on the list. Peter: Well, I agree we should maintain some type of standards, but who's to say what they are? I'd argue that the worst of Cancon is represented by many bands without the pop hooks of Chilliwack. That said, vetoing them will not bring retribution upon your next pick. Keith: Who's to say what they are? Not to be a smart ass but, in this case, Carl's to say. Mike, do you have a pick? Mike: When I think of Edmonton, I think of Gretzky, Whyte Ave and a deep bone chilling cold that the locals refer to fondly as dry as in, "Yes it's minus 54 plus windchill, but it's a dry cold." What I don't tend to assoicate Edmonton with is Tommy Chong, r&b or snow removal (they don't plow! they put sand on top and let all the snow just stick around and they think easterners are nuts - as a secondary paranthetical aside, it's interesting that to Albertans I'm an easterner, not sure what that makes the folks in Atlantic Canada.) Chong was born in Edmonton in 1938 and played in a number of bands including the Shades, who were actually asked to leave town by the mayor of Calgary - must have been one cool band. Chong moved to Vancouver where he eventually eneded up playing with Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers who, in 1965, were discovered by the Supremes and signed to Motown Records. According to Mr. Chong, he and the band also discovered the Jackson 5 and got them signed to Motown too. Their big hit, and my pick for round 82 or whatever the heck we are, is Does Your Mama Know About Me. (Listen to Does Your Mama Know About Me?) Co-written by Chong, the track has been covered by the Supremes and Jermaine Jackson and would make a wonderful addition to Philip and Terrence's repitoire. Carl: Good pick, Mike. By the way, one part of the story that hasn't come up before now - for a few months, in an earlier incarnation of the Vancouvers (circa late 1962-early 1963, whereas this cut is from later in the sixties), their guitarist was a guy named Jimi Hendrix. I don't advise you put yourself through trying to watch that episode of "Pot TV" but the page quotes from Charles Shaar Murray's "Crosstown Traffic," which is *the* Hendrix book: "Hendrix met little Richard in 1962 during a stay in Vancouver, when he was playing with a popular local outfit called The Vancouvers, led by one Bobby Taylor. Taylor was to brush against major success three times in his career without ever attaining it for himself. His partner in The Vancouvers was a Chinese-American singer named Tommy Chong, who later dumped music for comedy and teamed up with 'Cheech' Marin as the suprisingly durable duo Cheech & Chong." However, the true patriot love in this case might be watered down by the fact that Bobby Taylor himself wasn't Canadian, but from California. Check out The OTHER Fifty episode Twenty Three.
and though bigger Motown names have taken and been given credit, the most credible accounts suggest that it was Bobby Taylor and Chong who discovered that group from Gary, Indiana whose lead singer has spread love to all the children of the world. (several months ago I happened to catch a Carson Daly with Rae Dawn Chong who had this scrapbook with some truly amazing Jackson 5 pics from their first Motown recordings)

Interesting article on Chong and his musical history here:

Plus, anything that involves Nardwuar is ok by me.
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