Saturday, March 05, 2005


Radio 3 R.I.P. in today's Globe

Listen to Radio Fly (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) Listen to One More Song the Radio Won't Like (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) Alexandra Gill's piece in today's Globe confirms what I heard from my friends in the CBC. Radio3's "restructuring" actually sounds more like a gutting. Radio 3 has suffered VERY significant layoffs and the corp's management is blaming the cuts partially on the site's lack of buzz. "If you walk down the street in Vancouver or Toronto, unfortunately, most people don't know what (Radio 3) is," Jane Chalmers, Vice-President of CBC Radio told the Globe. Ms. Chalmers has come to this conclusion while spending a grand total of $20,000/year on promotion. If you care, send the corp an e-mail. Even if you don't, listen to two good Canadian songs about frustrated artists dealing with the radio biz. I'm gonna go see Steve Earle. Buy a copy of The Joel Plaskett Emergency's Truthfully Truthfully. Buy a copy of Kathleen Edward's Failer.
Ditto on the RIP for CBC3. Seems like anything that exhibits too much cultural moxie or individualism gets killed at the Corpse. What are they gonna do, give the savings to "Slick" Rick Mercer? As my lovely wife says, there's nothing more fearsome than a man with a budget. Too bad not funny. As far as CBC Radio products, this leaves me with The World at Six and Wiretap. [Sigh]

Oh, and hey, Keith.
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