Monday, March 14, 2005


The OTHER 50 Tracks

Cinquante . . . maintenant! Mountain Goats: Cubs in 5 Built to Spill: Carry the zer0 Sorry for the delay in postin' y'all. I've been working on some things for you that should be a great deal of fun. Yes, for the next few weeks I, your humble host, will become the anti-Jian Ghomeshi*. Welcome, friends, to The OTHER 50 Tracks. Some background for those of you who don't listen to the CBC (i.e. ALL of you). The Corp is in the middle of an interesting exercise to pick Canada's 50 most essential songs. For the last couple of months they've been bringing in groups of music experts (and Leah McClaren) to debate which tunes should be added to the list. This rigorous analytical approach has resulted in a list which excludes songs released after 2000 - ignoring one of the most fruitful five year periods in Canadian music - and includes Rise Up by the Parachute Club and Echo Beach by Martha and the Muffins. (Note: I was just informed that the "Nineties" list includes two tracks from the aughties" K-OS' Crabukkit and Brother Down by Sam Roberts) This heresy, friends, will not stand. Longtime readers will know I have a list issue (I love them just a titch too much) and, thus, the 50 Tracks problem has moved me to recruit Carl Wilson, Aaron Wherry, Kenny Shinkle and the Mighty Simpy to complete a simple mission: Build a better list. The fun will start tomorrow. There will be punch n' pie. Buy The Mountain Goats' Nine Black Poppies Buy Built to Spill's Keep it Like a Secret *It's a Canadian thing, some of you wouldn't understand. Go have a look at DAY ONE.
Sounds like fun... but will you be using MAPL standards?? If not, the CRTC will be on your ass.
Just last week two songs (Crabbuckit by K-OS and Brother Down by Sam Roberts) from the last five years got on the list. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with??
Yeah, I noticed that too (strange seeing as the list speaks of "the nineties" I didn't actually hear the radio segements . . . wonder how they justified that little wrinkle).

We're gonna have fun . . . that's for sure!
How, precisely, is this different from the CBC exercise so far? Possibly yr McLaren/ Damhnait/Ghomeshi filter affords you a slightly cooler panel, but so far the picks look remarkably similar to the Ceeb list! At the very least you could poke a few holes in the methodology...
where's the jolly tambourine man, mahn?
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