Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Fifty Tracks: The Methodology

Not actually Peter Simpson's golf shirt Since everyone's been asking, I thought I'd spend some time outlining the methodology the committee and I have been using to develop The OTHER 50 Tracks. Rules: The first rule of The OTHER 50 tracks is that you don't talk about the OTHER 50 tracks. The second rule of The OTHER 50 is . . . . ahhhhh forget it! There really aren't that many rules: The six members of the committee (Carol Harrison - Former college radio jock and hostess of Museink, Mike Forbes - Toronto PR guru and long time friend of PWI, Peter Simpson - Ottawa Citizen Arts Editor and long time friend of PWI, Aaron Wherry - National Post music writer and host of Popwherry, Carl Wilson - Globe and Mail music writer and host of Zoilus, and your's truly) work their way through their picks round by round hockey draft style. Nominated tracks are required to be : 1) "Canadian" (We didn't use a formal definition, though it's evolved to mean more or less anyone born and/or raised in Canada) 2) From the rock and roll era (which we've defined as from 1954 - when Elvis' first records were recorded . . . I know, I know, blasphemy! . . . on) 3) Absent from the CBC's original list; and, 4) Good. I originally talked about putting in a cut off that wouldn't allow songs recorded after January 1, 2001, but we decided as a group that it wasn't necessary. For kicks, and to start gratuitous cat fights, each member of the committee was also given three vetoes to use on songs that he/she felt didn't belong. The members of the committee continue going through their picks until some time in the 9th round or so when we'll hit 44 picks. At that time, we'll get to a special Non Veto Round where each member of the committee will be able to add a song to the list without fear of having it removed (but with supreme confidence that it will still be made fun of). That's it. Send hate mail to Carl. Don't stop here. Move on to the preview!

Just wanted to suggest a song.... dunno if you accept suggestions. Thought I just HAD to do my duty and recommend you consider a Max Webster song. No not a Kim Webster song... he was more creative, wild and rockin' with the Max. The problem is of course there are just too many great songs to choose from. (Gravity, Astonish Me, Waterline, etc.) But checking through their lyrics online I recalled that fantastic party song called 'The Party' from 1978's Mutiny Up My Sleeve. With Kim Mitchell frenzily belting Pye Dubois' celebratory and raucous lyrics, this has got to be one of the all-time best concert songs. (So you could just as easily choose the live version too.)

But it doesn't matter which song - just please consider Max Webster. They were just so friggin' unique and talented that they have to be on the list! There! My conscience is clear now.
Oops I meant Kim Mitchell (been a long week) :)
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