Friday, March 04, 2005


E-mail campaign? I don't know from e-mail campaign

FC's not gonna tell you what to do, but, in case you asked . . . A few people have e-mailed and commented asking what they should do about the cancellation of magazine. (Love the feedback, btw, guys. Thanks for letting me know you're out there!) I'm not much of a rabblerouser, but I've done some stuff myself. You might want to do the same: 1) Send a comment to the CBC using this form here. It may seem like another lame customer service pit, but the listener comment reports are actually very widely circulated within the Corp. People actually READ them. If you're short of something to say, put your name on the bottom of a copy of the open letter I wrote yesterday. If you have LOTS to say, e-mail a friend and tell them to send a comment too. 2) Copy whatever you wrote to Radio3 director Steve Pratt ( No telling what the fan mail might mean to him and the team. Oh, and tell them I sent you! BTW, I'm not all anti-CBC! They do all kinds of cool stuff! Check out this great short film (featuring tunes by Jimmy Bryson).
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